Album: Orgasmatron (1986)
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    I am the one, Orgasmatron
    The outstretched grasping hand
    My image is of agony
    My servants rape the land
    Obsequious and arrogant
    Clandestine and vain
    Two thousands years of misery
    Of torture in my name
    Hypocrisy made paramount
    Paranoia the law
    My name is called religion
    Sadistic, sacred whore

    I twist the truth, I rule the world
    My crown is called deceit
    I am the emperor of lies
    You grovel at my feet
    I rob you and I slaughter you
    Your downfall is my gain
    And still you play the sycophant
    And revel in your pain
    And all my promises are lies
    All my love is hate
    I am the politician
    And I decide your fate

    I march before a martyred world
    An army for the fight
    I speak of great heroic days
    Of victory and might
    I hold a banner drenched in blood
    I urge you to be brave
    I lead you to your destiny
    I lead you to your grave
    Your bones will build my palaces
    Your eyes will stud my crown
    For I am Mars, the God of War
    And I will cut you down Writer/s: Michael Burston, Philip Camp, Peter Gill, Ian Fraser Kilminster
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • AnonymousI full agree with this guy! Iam 50 and this song gos to my heart the truth is in this song! Iam unnmess in that!
  • Supersoareyz from Under The Moon That LooksThis song is one of the most profound lyrics I've ever read and listened to. It makes so much sense to me. I revere it. I am 66 years old and will never feel this song speaks anything but the truth.
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