The Foundations of Decay

Album: single release only (2022)
Charted: 37 102
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  • See the man who stands upon the hill
    He dreams of all the battles won
    But fate had left its scars upon his face
    With all the damage they had done

    And so time, with age
    He turns the page
    Let the flesh
    Submit itself to gravity

    Let our bodies lay
    While our hearts will stay
    Let our blood in vein
    Feel forgotten pain, now
    If your convictions were a passing phase
    May your ashes feed the river in the morning rays
    And as the vermin crawls
    We lay in the foundations of decay

    He was there, the day the towers fell
    And so he wandered down the road
    And we would all build towers of our own
    Only to watch the rooms corrode

    But it's much too late
    You're in the race
    So we'll press
    And press 'til you can't take it anymore

    Let our bodies lay
    While our hearts will stay
    Let our blood in vein
    Feel forgotten pain
    And if by his own hand his spirit flies
    Take his body as a relic to be canonized, now
    And so he gets to die a saint
    But she will always be the whore

    (Let's flip out)

    Against faith (Antihero)
    Against all life (As if it must be pure)
    Against change (We wander through the ruins)
    We are free (The guiltiness is yours)

    You must fix your heart
    And you must build an altar where it rests
    When the storm decays and the sky it rains
    Let it flood, let it flood, let it wash away
    And as we stumble through your last crusade
    When you welcome your extinction in the morning rays
    And as the swarming calls, we lay in the foundations

    Yes, it comforts me much more
    Yes, it comforts me much more
    To lay in the foundations of decay

    Get up, coward!

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