88 Seconds In Greensboro
by OMD

  • 88 seconds
    Is all it takes
    88 seconds
    Don't make mistakes

    We've seen you
    We can see you

    In red and blue
    In black and white
    Under crystal skies
    In full daylight

    You know it
    God you know it

    88 seconds
    Is all it takes
    In 88 seconds
    We don't make mistakes

    We know you
    Oh yes we have known you

    Times are changing
    But not in our street
    Once we played there
    Like the good times

    You know it
    God you know it

    They're heading for
    A shallow grave
    With a big black cross
    By a tall white house
    To a place down south
    We won't forget
    To be stabbed in the back
    By a man they met

    In 88 seconds
    In Greensboro
    88 seconds
    In Greensboro

    88 seconds
    In Greensboro
    Is all we take

Comments: 3

  • Jill from Decatur, GaIn January 1986 I was driving to Charlottesville, Va with a friend to go skiing and to visit her brother. We were listening to my OMD tape and had to turn it over (remember those days?). When we popped the tape out, the radio automatically came on and we heard the news about the space shuttle Challenger crashing 73 seconds after takeoff. We pulled over in a daze. After a few minutes, we drove off, the tape kicked in and "88 Seconds In Greensboro" came on..."88 seconds is all it takes"...it was eerie and to this day that song reminds me of the Challenger crash.
  • Rebecca from College Station, TxHello, I am originally from Greensboro, North Carolina and was there when this happened. I remember the sound of the shots being fired and all the frightened citizens. We really did not know at the time what was happening.
    I thank my lucky stars, I no longer live in that city and will never again.
  • Russ from Greensboro, Mdit is takes abot that long to drive thruogh greensboro md
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