Album: Infest (2000)
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  • Remember the girl
    Abused with forks ,knives and razorblades
    Remember the girl
    Abused with forks, knives and razorblades
    She finally left him, she had enough of her man's rage
    Band-aids cover her scars, she left him bloodied
    Beat his ass with a bat, face sunk like Silly Putty
    Y'all can sit back so I can study
    Destruction of the family design
    And how the morals of society decline
    Essentially it's beats to rhymes like grapes to wine

    It's alright we're in love
    Can't live with or without

    See, see she can't live with him and can't live without him
    Stress got her down, she needs to deal with her problems
    While the drama gets deeper, I put on the reefer
    She took the last step and sent his ass to the reaper
    Chaos is what she saw in the mirror
    Scared of herself and the power that was in her
    It took over and weighed heavily on her shoulders
    Militant insanity is now what controlled her

    It's alright we're in love
    Can't live with or without
    We're in love
    We're in love

    Kill it, before it reaches you
    Missiles won't work, it's approaching the mainland
    What if it reaches the metropolitan areas, Cosmopolitan areas
    Secure the lines, prepare for departure,
    Calm, calm, calm
    It is a big business and seems to be advancing underground
    Because my style is underground
    I'm green with my red eyes mad tint
    Flee, fly, flow, rapido rapido
    She feeds plentiful, electrifying the nation
    Electrifying the nation

    Don't you see that we are in danger
    How will we stop it
    She is attacking

    Come on, we're runnin out
    Runnin out of time
    Runnin out of time
    Runnin out of time

    It's alright we're in love
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  • Zero from The Abyss, NjDJ AM aka Adam Goldstein provides turntable scratches on this track.

    Hey Nick, I noticed that too! I wish OFFYY was available for release or download, it's awesome and sounds like old Deftones! YouTube it if you're curious.

    Less remarkable but still interesting is their first EP from 1994, Potatoes For Christmas (oddly enough, that actually IS available for download!)
  • Nick from Missoula, MtThis song is sort of a sequeal to the song "liquid diet" on their earlier album, i thnk it was "old friends from young years". Its refrence the the girl who was abused with forks knives and razor blades- was a basis to the earlier work.
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