• All my rivals will see what I have in store
    My gun
    I've been harboring fleets in this reservoir
    Red sun
    And this nation's about to explode

    Your disciples are riddled with metaphors
    Better pony up and bring both your barrel fulls
    Not one
    As we release this unspeakable toll

    How's our mother to damn these contributors
    With mud?
    How will the man who made chemicals difficult
    Shed blood?
    How's our father supposed to be told? Writer/s: STONE C. GOSSARD
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Obzcure from Auckland, New Zealandyea jeremy was a 91 song.. as for the columbine thing. theres a whole messes of things. maybe music and game influenced them. but the wars in middle eastern countries are influenced by religion. and i'm not gonna blame religion either. people will be affected by many different things. so you can blame anything. the best you can do is teach the differnce between a song and reality and just the right way to live. blaming things... anything isnt gonan help. in the case of columbine the parents had ALOT of respobility on this although
  • Kyle from St. Louis, Moto quote Chris Rock "Can't the kids just be crazy"
  • Cristina from Paduckah, KyWhen I was a child and I watched Pearl Jams, Jeremy it never influenced me to do wrong. It only prepared me to become patient even if it meant hemiliation and to not put danger since immaturity is the cause."Kill em All!" as on that AOL profile is not and can not be from Metallica's album because it is a phrase which everyone possess by thought but not action. Why do these shootings happen? I will tell you why, the bullies in this matter get the easy way out to have revenge on other children then most likely get to be popular or to prove he is a man then the ones that dont have that easy way out pull guns out ( if weak and cant show anger then he or she hopes that bullets makes taunts go away).To prevent shootings dont blame and suceed by helping parents that are not responsible of their kids!
  • Andrew from St. Louis, MoThe line, "Your disciples are ridden with metaphors", is referring to music, and how the killers took it too seriously. After the tragedy at Columbine, there was alot of question to whether music played a role in the violence. One of the killers posted on his AOL profile "Kill em All!!!", which also happened to be an album by Metallica.
  • John from Raleigh, NcI thought Jeremy was a '91 song.
  • Glenn from Kingston, NhI think there's some sort of Japan/WWII reference in here too.. "I've been harboring fleets in this resevoir. Red Sun."
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