Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)?

Album: Peter Sarstedt (1969)
Charted: 1 70
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  • You talk like Marlene Dietrich
    And you dance like Zizi Jeanmaire
    Your clothes are all made by Balmain
    And there`s diamonds and pearls in your hair
    You live in a fancy appartement
    Of the Boulevard of St. Michel
    Where you keep your Rolling Stones records
    And a friend of Sacha Distel
    But where do you go to my lovely
    When you're alone in your bed
    Tell me the thoughts that surround you
    I want to look inside your head
    I've seen all your qualifications
    You got from the Sorbonne
    And the painting you stole from Picasso
    Your loveliness goes on and on, yes it does
    When you go on your summer vacation
    You go to Juan-les-Pines
    With your carefully designed topless swimsuit
    You get an even suntan, on your back and on your legs
    When the snow falls you're found in St. Moritz
    With the others of the jet-set
    And you sip your Napoleon Brandy
    But you never get your lips wet
    But where do you go to my lovely
    When you're alone in your bed
    Tell me the thoughts that surround you
    I want to look inside your head, yes I do
    Your name is heard in high places
    You know the Aga Khan
    He sent you a racehorse for chistmas
    And you keep it just for fun, for a laugh haha
    They say that when you get married
    It'll be to a millionaire
    But they don't realize where you came from
    And I wonder if they really care, they give a damn
    But where do you go to my lovely
    When you're alone in your bed
    Tell me the thoughts that surround you
    I want to look inside your head
    I remember the back streets of Naples
    Two children begging in rags
    Both touched with a burning ambition
    To shake off their lowly brown tags, yes they try
    So look into my face Marie-Claire
    And remember just who you are
    Then go and forget me forever
    `Cause I know you still bear
    the scar, deep inside, yes you do
    I know where you go to my lovely
    When you're alone in your bed
    I know the thoughts that surround you
    `Cause I can look inside your head Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Xara from GreeceFluerastine I agree, this beautiful song can never be understood by the non deep thinking.
  • David from West Midlands, EnglandObviously, I'm of an age to remember it when it was released, and have seen the Peter's performance on archive TV. I've recently started thinking of it. It brings me to tears with it's beauty- I would probably have it at my funeral, not to be pretentious, but as a tribute to the artistic and musical creativity of the time. God bless Peter
  • Fluerastine from FranceThis song will NEVER be appreciated and understood by the non romantics/poets/deep thinking masses! How on earth would they Ever be able to get their heads around it? Never….. not in a million years. However, each to their own.
    I on the other hand have been blessed with the lyrics and so much more from the sheer brilliance and escapism of this classic gift from such a talented artist!
  • Uli Rohde from Heidelberg, GermanyBryan Braddock, I agree 100%.
  • Marie-claire Gibson from Redcar Cleveland UkI love this song not because of its words but because it brings back alot of memories for me of my childhood. It's a one off once heard never forgotten.
  • Bryan Braddock from Birmingham, UkI hate this song with every fibre of my being. It sets my teeth on edge every time I'm unlucky enough to hear it.
    Pretentious twaddle. The song structure is terrible, the lyrics "on your back...and on your legs" "Ha,Ha, ha haaaaaa" pathetic.
    I also don't like the whole stalkerish aspect to the lyrics, I find the narrator to be creepy and bitter. A woman, who through her natural beauty and charm has managed to escape poverty and become successful, only to be judged by some loser from her past who longs to drag her back down into the gutter...

  • Duke from Scotland Get a grip people it's a beautiful atmospheric ditty
  • Kramo from Toronto, CanadaI hate this song more than Trump. It is so self-consciously hip... that little laugh of his makes me want to stick a knitting needle in my ear.
  • David from Cleveland, Ohio, UsaThe 1990's dance group No Mercy (not on SF?) also made a great upbeat version of this song. Many versions of it are on YouTube.
  • Alistair from Daventry, United KingdomI think this was a very clever song for its time because it referenced things that most people didn't know anything or much about. for example, Juan Les Pins was mostly unheard of, a holiday playground for the rich, and topless swimsuits were still rather shocking. So a song for its time as it was intended to be but many people will still find completely acceptable and very tuneful today.
  • Norma from Leeds, United KingdomThe funniest song I ever heard. Pretentious? Moi? What a load of tripe - almost as side-splitting on "On the Buses" by Quinceharmon
  • Josep from Palma, SpainBeatiful and fond song describing a girl who is at the top of nothing. It should be known by today's young people
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