Album: White Nights soundtrack (1985)
Charted: 4 1
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  • You called me from the room in your hotel
    All full of romance for someone that you met
    And telling me how sorry you were, leaving so soon
    And that you miss me sometimes when you're alone in your room
    Do I feel lonely too?

    You have no right to ask me how I feel
    You have no right to speak to me so kind
    We can't go on just holding on to time
    Now that we're living separate lives

    Well I held on to let you go
    And if you lost your love for me, well you never let it show
    There was no way to compromise
    So now we're living (living)
    Separate lives

    Ooh, it's so typical, love leads to isolation
    So you build that wall (build that wall)
    Yes, you build that wall (build that wall)
    And you make it stronger

    Well you have no right to ask me how I feel
    You have no right to speak to me so kind
    Some day I might (I might) find myself looking in your eyes
    But for now, we'll go on living separate lives
    Yes for now, we'll go on living separate lives
    Separate lives
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  • Mitchell from Liverpool, UkAccording to Phil's book, after being sent the song by Stephen, Phil had initially recorded an acoustic version for his No Jacket Required album. But stylistically, it didn't fit the album so was left off. Later, label president Doug Morris asked if he would re-record it as a duet with Marilyn Martin for a movie. He hadn't heard of her, but trusted Doug's judgement so agreed. It became the second US #1 he recorded for a Taylor Hackford movie, following 'Against All Odds'.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn December 13th 1985, Phil Collins made his U.S. television acting debut in an episode called 'Phil the Shill' on the NBC-TV police drama series 'Miami Vice'...
    And on that very day his duet with Marilyn Martin, "Separate Lives" was at #2 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; two weeks earlier it was at #1...
    During the calendar year of 1985 he also had four other records make the Top 10; "Easy Lover" {a duet with Philip Bailey, peaked at #2}, "One More Night" {#1 for 2 weeks}, "Sussudio {#1 for 1 week}, and "Don't Lose My Number" {#4}...
    Philip David Charles Collins will celebrate his 64th birthday in forty-eight days on January 30th {2015}.
  • Christopher from Charlotte, NcI believe Stephen Bishop himself recorded the song first. I may be wrong, however.
  • Paul from Washington Dc, DcCan't believe I'm the first one to comment on this song. A club that I used to go to in the '80's had it on their jukebox. But whenever it started to play, one of the bartenders would hit the REJECT button which was concealed behind the bar somewhere, and stop it. Chatting with the owner one evening, he told me that the song reminded the guys on his staff about their respective exes too painfully. It's my favorite Phil Collins song.
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