Please Come Out Tonight

Album: Both Sides (1993)
  • 'When all is said and done, there's just you and me.'

    Please come out tonight I need you here
    Its been a long, long time and I can't wait
    Let's find out, let's see what it's like out there
    If it rains we'll find somewhere, somewhere dry and warm

    You'll say "my, it's been a long, long time"
    I'll say "how are you? I've been fine"

    Please come out tonight, let's go out and see the world
    We can try to find, find somewhere
    It seems so long ago, I can hardly remember the time
    It's all I want, it's all I want, so let's see what we find

    You'll say "there's so much you need to know"
    I'll say "are you really sure you have to go?"

    We don't need a reason, no explanations
    Just stay with me here, tonight
    I won't say a word
    I just need you here

    Please come out tonight, let's go out and find ourselves
    You can lean your head on my shoulder, remember?

    You'll say "My, is that the time?"
    I'll say "why not stay with me tonight?"

    We don't need a reason
    It's so warm inside
    There's no one between us
    If someone comes we can hide
    Just lay here beside me
    Just see what it's like

    Please come out tonight Writer/s: Phil Collins
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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