Wolfman's Brother

Album: Hoist (1994)
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  • Well it was many years ago now
    But I really can't be sure
    That's when it all began then
    I heard that knock upon my door

    And the wolfman's brother
    The wolfman's brother
    Came down on me

    The telephone was ringing
    That's when I handed it to Liz
    She said, "This isn't who it would be
    If it wasn't who it is"

    It's the wolfman's brother
    The wolfman's brother
    Came down on me

    So I might be on a side street
    Or a stairway to the stars
    I hear the high pitched cavitation
    Of propellers from afar

    It's the wolfman's brother
    Come down on me

    So with meaningless excitement
    And smooth atonal sound
    It's like a cross between a hurricane
    And a ship that's run aground

    It's the wolfman's brother
    Coming down on - coming down on me Writer/s: JON FISHMAN, MIKE GORDON, PAGE MC CONNELL, TOM MARSHALL, TREY ANASTASIO
    Publisher: Downtown Music Publishing
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Frick from AlbaniaTrey said that fish was the wolfmans brother at coventry "when i was 18 the wolfmans brother was fishman so he is the wolfmans brother."
  • Jonathan from Jacksonville, FlJon Fishman IS Wolfman, but Wolfman's brother is Fishman's actual, biological brother.
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