See Saw

Album: A Saucerful of Secrets (1968)
  • Marigolds are very much in love
    But she doesn't mind
    Picking up sister
    He makes his way in to the see-saw land
    All the way up she smiles
    She goes up as he goes down, down

    Sits on a stick in the river
    Laughter in his sleep
    Sister's throwing stones hoping for a hit
    He doesn't know, so then
    She goes up, while he goes down, down

    Another time, another day
    A brother's way to leave
    Another time, another day

    Selling plastic flowers on a Sunday afternoon
    Picking up weeds
    She hasn't got time to care
    All can see he's not there
    She grows up for another man, and he's down

    Another time, another day
    A brother's way to leave
    Another time, another day

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  • Mreenal from Darjeeling, Indiai guess Mr. Richard Wright wrote this song & also 'Remember a day' in order to compensate for Mr. Syd Barrett's absence..
  • Steven from Rky Mt, Nci read somewhere that rick wrote this about he and his sister in their youth actually riding a see saw. "she goes up, he goes down..." he did so in an attempt to write a song in the fasion that syd wrote; from a child-like point of view.
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InThis is not just a song about the loss of childhood.
    It's a song about the loss of a child!
    "Sits on a stick in the river/Laughter in his sleep/Sister's throwing stones, hoping for a hit/He doesn't know, so then/She goes up, while he goes down, down"
    That's right, it's a song about a little girl killing her own brother by hitting him with a rock while he is floating on a log in the river, knocking him in the water, where he drowns..down, down.
    Strange, to say the least, for such a disarmingly sweet sounding song.
  • Meg Griffin from Quahog, RiRIP Richard Wright~~~
  • Fish from Edmonton, AbThis is an amazing song!
  • Michael from Oxford, -Far from the most boring song I've ever heard, actually.
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