All and Everyone

Album: Let England Shake (2011)
  • Death was everywhere,
    In the air
    And in the sounds
    Coming off the mounds
    Of Bolton's Ridge.
    Death's anchorage.
    When you rolled a smoke
    Or told a joke,
    It was in the laughter
    And drinking water
    It approached the beach
    As strings of cutters,
    Dropped in the sea and lay around us.

    Death was in the ancient fortress,
    Shelled by a million bullets
    From gunners, waiting in the corpses
    With hearts that threatened to pop their boxes,
    As we advanced into the sun
    Death was all and everyone.
    Death was all and everyone.

    As we advance in the sun
    As we advancing every man
    As we advancing in the sun

    Death hung in the smoke and clung
    To four hundred acres of useless beachfront.
    A bank of red earth, dripping down
    Dead is now, and now, and now
    Death was everywhere
    In the air
    And in the sounds
    Coming off the mounds
    Of Bolton's Ridge.
    Death's anchorage.
    Death was in the staring sun,
    Fixing its eyes on everyone.
    It rattled the bones of the Night Horsemen
    Still lying out there in the open

    As we, advancing in the sun
    As we, advancing every man
    As we, advancing in the sun
    Sing "Death to all and everyone."


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