Album: Thanks For Waiting (2021)
Charted: 12
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  • These hoes, these hoes
    Bringin' fire to my eyes, I, ooh
    I know, I know it's killin' me inside
    Things I sacrificed for this life

    Everybody gotta make sacrifices
    Sometimes it ain't as simple as black and white is
    Especially when you got a bit of gangsteritus
    Trap star, rap star, man are gangster writers
    We was blendin' in rentals with cats as drivers
    I used to stack all the twenties spend all the fivers
    Nowadays everybody wanna go viral
    But I got 'em on a needle like a old vinyl
    2021, year of the entitled
    They say the trilogy itself's like the street bible
    Separate to elevate, it's been vital
    I been an big IO and bleed out my eyeballs
    Different days, I'm either homicide or suicidal
    I don't think it's my fault, it's just the path that I walk
    Crown court spoilt, man are armed and blaggin'
    Stepped in a party laggin'
    They say they're gang but they're hardly bangin' (bangin')
    I'm tryna hit him in his skull like I'm bringin' Ed Hardy back in
    Hit the can, then my dog are rappin'
    Since Feltham '06, they been sayin' I've been hard at rappin'
    Kamikaze the visit got half the pack in
    My brudda gets it crackin', then I'm gettin' it crackin'
    I'm too tapped to tap in
    Shit, still smoke in my Prada jacket

    These hoes, these hoes
    Bringin' fire to my eyes, I, ooh
    I know, I know it's killin' me inside
    Things I sacrificed for this life

    It's weird how sometimes I miss the days (ooh)
    When I never had a spliff to blaze
    Nanny hugged me in the courtroom and kissed my face
    My troubled childhood I wished away
    Another day, another risk to take
    Crown court, lookin' six to eight
    Now I'm in the booth daily goin' six for eight
    I used to mix the coke, not mix the tape
    Now this mixtape cost ten bricks of flake
    I need freedom like air
    You never understand until you see it disappear
    And I can't lie, I wish Money was here
    I'll give it all to have him back and put one in the air
    Man say they wanna kill me, I ain't scared
    I'll double your dare, even cover your fare
    I'm goin' out like Tony at the top of the stairs
    Ain't my first choice, but I'll be in some fuckery affairs
    Mum struggled for years, nan suffered for years
    That's buckets of tears, hence the fire burnin'
    So when it comes to these numbers, I'm too assertive
    I got my satin on me, crisis averted
    Crisis averted means it's on person, not third person
    When suspects turn victim, it's on purpose
    I've done bird with long-termers, wrong turners
    Stop starters, cop burners, we're not learners

    These hoes
    To my eyes
    These hoes
    Killin' me inside
    Everybody gotta make sacrifices Writer/s: Adam Simon, Ellis Cruickshank Taylor, Jamel Bousbaa
    Publisher: CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Spirit Music Group, THE ROYALTY NETWORK INC.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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