Carnival Of Fools

Album: Chaosmosis (2016)
  • [Verse 1]
    Terrible day when you walked out on me
    I didn't know what to say
    I didn't know who to be
    The words were gone, no emotion would come
    I was deaf, I was dumb
    I was blind all along

    [Chorus 1]
    "I just want to see you
    I don't want to leave you"
    Carnivals of fools!

    [Verse 2]
    We took a chance and we gambled with fate
    Tried on each other's skins
    We just couldn't wait
    The game was fixed, it was hexed from the start
    You were burning with light
    I was shot in the dark

    [Chorus 2]
    "All those stupid lovers
    Drowning with each other
    'Til they find another"
    At the carnivals of fools!

    We lose ourselves in another soul
    Hungry for the dreams they hold
    You set me free from the ghost in me
    You set me free
    You set me free

    [Verse 3]
    Now that you say it, I was obsessed with myself
    I was obsessed with myself
    I couldn't see no one else
    The sky was green and the buildings were blue
    There was a glow around you
    There always was around you

    [Chorus 3]
    "Vanity will blind you
    Trouble always find you
    Disaster's right behind you"
    At the carnivals of fools! Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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