Heavy Rotation

Album: Hang Time (1988)
  • Order in this court you call my own
    Confusion is the order I have shown

    Some things don't come easy
    Some things got to give
    You just might have to waste your life just to live

    Now did you think that I was somebody?
    And did you think this was somewhere?
    I will still be there
    So watch out

    Well, I got the right to free myself of fear
    Stand over me and watch me disappear
    You're sent to the death to be in another mess
    To keep your mind, to keep them in
    I don't know where they're meeting to pretend

    Well, I am the one that soaks it up
    Well, I am the one that takes a punch
    And I am, I am, I am the human sponge

    Could I be so serious, or am I just too curious?
    Just afraid to look away for missing something you might say

    'Cause you've got so much I can't follow
    One more debt I can't repay
    Tomorrow brings just one more chance to throw it all away
    I'm just trying to live with today
    And I'm just trying to live with the way
    The way I am?

    I am
    I am
    I am
    I am
    I am
    I am
    I am
    I am
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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