Can't Believe

Album: Break The Cycle (2001)
  • Respect.
    Respect what is found
    Respect should abound
    Respect everything that you leave

    I can't believe
    Can't believe [Repeat: x 2]

    And I, I can't believe
    I can't believe all the travesty
    Surrounding me
    I want to flee
    Well, I want to flee from everything
    In front of me

    I can't believe
    Can't believe [Repeat: x 2]

    Never again, trusted in you
    Fuck everything that you think I should be
    I stand.
    Never again, never again

    I can't believe
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
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Comments: 4

  • Aldrin from Manila, Philippinescool drum beats, mike mushok's angry guitar parts and the growling voice of aaron lewis .perfectly fit in their BREAK THE CYCLE album....this album really fits my mood..
  • Adam from Kernersville, NcActually, Lee is right. the song does say "I wanna flee..I wanna flee from everything in forn of me. I can't believe." Buy the BREAK THE CYCLE album or get the lyrics online. Jake.
  • Lee from Houston, TxThis song has nothing to do with childhood. and the it is about the travesties Aaron would see from the stage and the lyrics are I wanna flee I wanna flee form everything in front of me, I cant believe. The songfacts is correct its about what Aaron would see from the stage
  • Jake from Bettendorf, IaNo its not wtf? its about how he didnt feel respected as a kid and about how he was ignored from his "parents" and peers. and in the song it doesnt say i wanna flee i wanna flee from everything around me it says'I want a place where theres less making fun of me. its about childhood
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