Babylon Sisters

  • Drive west on Sunset
    To the sea
    Turn that jungle music down
    Just until we're out of town

    This is no one night stand
    It's a real occasion
    Close your eyes and you'll be there
    It's everything they say
    The end of a perfect day
    Distant lights from across the bay

    Babylon sisters shake it
    Babylon sisters shake it
    So fine, so young
    Tell me I'm the only one

    Here come those Santa Ana winds again

    We'll jog with show folk on the sand
    Drink Kirschwasser from a shell
    San Francisco show and tell
    Well I should know by now
    That it's just a spasm
    Like a Sunday in T.J.
    That it's cheap but it's not free
    That I'm not what I used to be
    And that love's not a game for three

    Babylon sisters shake it
    Babylon sisters shake it
    So fine, so young
    Tell me I'm the only one

    Here come those Santa Ana winds again

    My friends say no don't go
    For that cotton candy
    Son you're playing with fire
    The kid will live and learn
    As he watches his bridges burn
    From the point of no return

    Babylon sisters shake it
    Babylon sisters shake it
    So fine, so young
    Tell me I'm the only one Writer/s: DONALD FAGEN, WALTER BECKER
    Publisher: Wixen Music Publishing
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Gefeylich from CaliforniaLast night something struck me about the last verse: it's made up almost entirely of clichés, something neither Becker nor Fagen ever use except jokingly or ironically. "My friends say no, don't go for that cotton candy/son, you're playing with fire/the kid will live and learn/as he watches his bridges burn/from the point of no return." In this case it's a signal that the protagonist has heard it all & is tired of everything. Despite the music and the beautiful depiction of the beaches of Los Angeles in the evening, this is a hopeless song - downbeat, detached and horribly cynical.
  • Mike from St. Thomas, ViThe song depicts the experience of a middle-aged man from New York, NY who has moved to Los Angeles, CA. The man is dissatisfied with his partner and home life; and is seeking excitement by spending time at clubs featuring erotic entertainment. He feels that he has connected with a dancer from the club who one, is from Babylon, Long Island; and two, shares similar ethnic and cultural heritage with him; and three, is much younger than he is. They form a relationship, where in order to impress his lover, leads him to feign a lifestyle that is foreign to him and is beyond his means.
  • Bennie from Georgia Actually the line about cotton candy is a reference to Walter Becker's being investigated in Hawaii for statutory rape. Apparently , he had a 14 year old "GF" but was never arrested.
  • Mike from Glen Ridge, NjDoesn't "jungle music" refer to black music? I thought the song had something to do with interracial relationships. "The kid will live and learn as he watches his bridges burn" sounds like a reference to love child born of an interacial relation ship.
  • Laurent from Manama, BahrainCheck out David Garfield's instrumental version of this song on "Tribute To Jeff" and his version with the great Alex Ligertwood (ex- Santana)on vocals on "Tribute To Jeff - Revisited". BOth available at
  • Lance from Wilkes Barre, PaRegarding Babylon Sisters being SD's answer to the Who...let me say I am a huge fan of both groups. Both powered by creative lyrics, concepts, musical composition and musicianship. However, I can say for certain that SD never wrote anything as an an answer to anyone elses song. Walter and Donald are two one of a kinds...they don't give a s___ about what others write. they just make incomparable music.
  • Steve from Chino Hills, CaThis song has a lot of refferences to California goegraphy. "Drive West Down Sunset to the Sea" is about Sunset Blvd that starts in Downtown Los Angeles and winds west through Hollywood (Sunset strip) all the way out to the PCH at the Pacific Palisades. "Jungle music" is an old person's reference to rock and roll. Sunset is a bit busy and hectic to drive on and annoying music makes it that much harder. The idea is that they are going to catch the sunset over the Pacific ocean. It's a total tourist thing to do.

    "Like a Sunday in TJ, that is cheap but it's not free." Tiajuna Mexico is about three hours south of Los Angeles, and it's the mecca for deals, cheap food and cheap booze. San Francisco takes six hours to drive to.

    The Santa Ana winds occur in the last quarter of the year on very warm days where the winds come out of the desert from the east to the west. They are strong, hot winds.

    I think that the song is about touring California, with Babylon New York sisters. They are younger, he's older, and love is not a game for three. Not quite the wild rock star three way sex fueled vacation he was planning.
  • Jim from Long Beach, CaThis is Steely Dan's answer to The Who's"Trick Of The Light"...
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