Sacred Love

Album: Sacred Love (2003)
  • Take off those working clothes
    Put on these high heeled shoes
    Don't want no preacher on the TV baby
    Don't want to hear the news

    Shut out the world behind us
    Put on your long black dress
    No one's ever gonna find us here
    Just leave your hair in a mess
    I've been searching long enough
    I begged the moon and the stars above
    For sacred love

    I've been up, I've been down
    I've been lonesome, in this godless town
    You're my religion, you're my church
    You're the holy grail at the end of my search
    Have I been down on my knees for long enough?
    I've been searching the planet to find
    Sacred love

    The spirit moves on the water
    She takes the shape of this heavenly daughter
    She's rising up like a river in flood
    The word got made into flesh and blood
    The sky grew dark, and the earth she shook
    Just like a prophecy in the Holy Book
    Thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not steal
    Thou shalt not doubt that this love is real
    So I got down on my knees and I prayed to the skies
    When I looked up could I trust my eyes?
    All the saints and angels and the stars up above
    They all bowed down to the flower of creation
    Every man every woman
    Every race every nation
    It all comes down to this
    Sacred love

    Don't need no doctor, don't need no pills
    I got a cure for the country's ills
    Here she comes like a river in flood
    The word got made into flesh and blood
    Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not kill
    But if you don't love her your best friend will

    All the saints up in heaven and the stars up above
    It all comes down, it all comes down
    It all comes down to love,

    Take off your working clothes
    Put on your long black dress
    And your high heeled shoes
    Just leave your hair in a mess

    I've been thinking 'bout religion
    I've been thinking 'bout the things that we believe
    I've been thinking 'bout the Bible
    I've been thinking 'bout Adam and Eve
    I've been thinking 'bout the garden
    I've been thinking 'bout the tree of knowledge, and the tree of life
    I've been thinking 'bout forbidden fruit
    I've been thinking 'bout a man and his wife

    I been thinking 'bout, thinking 'bout
    Sacred love, sacred loveâ?¦ Writer/s: Gordon Sumner
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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