Album: Hypnotize (2005)
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  • Why don't you ask the kids at Tiananmen Square?
    Was fashion the reason why they were there?
    They disguise it, hypnotize it
    Television made you buy it

    I'm just sitting in my car and
    Waiting for my

    She's scared that I will take her away from there
    Dreams and her country, left with no one there
    Mesmerized the simple minded
    Propaganda leaves us blinded

    I'm just sitting in my car and
    Waiting for my girl
    I'm just sitting in my car and
    Waiting for my girl

    I'm just sitting in my car and
    Waiting for my girl
    I'm just sitting in my car and
    Waiting for my girl Writer/s: Daron Malakian, Serj Tankian
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
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  • Jessa from NcThe song is a testament to unlikely revolutions. met with tyrannical means to an end. The first verse describes the "unmoving, uninvolved" perceived version of a generation. This generation of people are reduced to only caring about such trivial things like "fashion". The media of the state paints this description very well, however, the sentiments of those in protest brings new knowledge.In the second verse, I believe represents a person, holding the same moral values, admires what they sees on the TV. "Waiting in his car"... The "girl" he is waiting for represents.. The matriarchal aspect that is classically charactorized with the virtue of ORDER. So when he says he is "waiting in the car for his girl". He is in fact saying "Things have become so out of order, that I need your permission, to escalate the conflict". This also would explain why "she" is scared to abandon "country" and "dreams" because that is so familiar and native to order..
  • Meat from MeatonI wonder if it's about how the West lied about how black and white the 'protests' were and used it all as anti-communist propaganda.
  • Qwert from M, St. Pierre And Miquelonread this article and you will know about what this song is about



  • Conor from Omaha, NeThe first part about china is referring to how we get all our information from television and the internet, and how, even in america, the media can be manipulated to support one thing or cover something up...while the girl in car is reffering to something personal to one of the band members that i really dont feel like googling
  • Luis from Mexicali, MexicoThe song is about how Daron Malakian's girlfriend was killed in Tiannanmen Square massacre in 1989.
  • Daron from Petaluma, Cain an interview daron malakian said he wrote this song when he was in his car waiting for his girl, and that it's nothing more than that. SOAD isn't always singing about politics in war. just keep that in mind
  • Ark from Awesome, PaThis song's about sitting in cars and waiting for girls, while there are terrible things happening in the world like brain washing and self-righteous suicide.
  • Airk from Skagway, AkThis is song hypnotizes you and makes you argue about what it's about. Nah jk! This song rulez!
  • Riley from London, OnThe part about "Television made you buy it ..." is talking about how we will do what ever is "in style" but this song is telling everyone that we do anything to be "cool"
  • Sara from Athens , GaSo... The reference to China is not insignificant, but it is a historical reference to show the flaws in our own current society, our susceptability to propaganda, the mind numbing effects of TV and other pop culture, and general apathy. At the time that this was written, the government had several country singers on their payroll and allowed them to use military equipment and personnel in their videos. Before we invaded Iraq, the pentagon met with the media, hollywood, and business to prepare our minds, ideologies, and pockets for war. The media was instructed to use the shock and awe approach, which was a theory developed in the 70s. Youtube old videos of news coverage and you will hear the bombings refered repeatedly to as "spectacular light show" or "the show is about to begin", as if war is entertainment. Also, the toppling of the Saddam statue was in fact planned by troops... That's info from several peer reviewed article. We are controlled... we buy war, we sell war, and we consume war. Also, a Foucaultian reference is made, "sacride silence and sleep"... this means that those who control discourse have power and that the people are sleeping (apathy). Thus we are HYPNOTIZED by our own making.
  • Aki from Sunrise, FlI heard that the "I'm just sitting in my car and waiting for my girl" is supposed to show that no matter how bad the government gets, to some extent, life goes on.
  • Don from Edmonton, CanadaAccording to Darron the guitar player he was literally just sitting in his car waiting for his girlfriend when he came up with the words for it.It's almost as if he's saying while terrible things are going on around the world in one place life goes on in other places.He purposely put two different ideas in the song.
  • Thulitha from Colombo, OtherThis song is about how some Chinese hooligans tried to topple their government, after being hypnotised by the American culture that could sneak into the country through the newly introduced open economy
  • Michael from Brooklyn, NyI thought the part about fashion was SOAD showing how people were hypnotized; that people thought the students at Tiananmen Square were there for a fashion show or something, instead of protesting.
  • Dj from Pipestone, CoOk, the little part about waiting for his girl is only because when he was writing this song he was in his car waiting for his girlfriend. The real meaning of the song is about communism in China. Of course starting out with the kids at Tiannamon asking them perhaps if they wanted freedom's like buying the cloths they wanted to. Next he talks about the chinese governments trying to disguise what happened at Tiannamon and hypnotize the world to believe it.
  • Chris from Loves Park, Ildid ya ever think that he was just sitting in his car waiting for his girl and thinking about all the political propaganda being shoved down our throats??
  • Brendon from Perth, AustraliaOkay first of all its Tiananmen not Tinnamom or however half of you spelt it, and second and they weren't hypnotized to support troops. He says "why don't you ask the kids... and "they disguise it..." for a reason and that is that the Chinese government have hidden the truth about what happened in Beijing in 1989. Almost all the school kids nowadays don't know anything about it because it has been erased from all literature and films in China. The Government has even made agreements with companies like Microsoft and Google to hide it from the Internet in China.
  • Bob from Bobtown, CaOkay. Tinnamen Square is in China. But you grasp the concept, am I right?
  • Rocco from , CanadaI like the fact that they are a heavy band talking about real issues unlike some other metal bands that sing about other things.
  • Blake from Hamilton, OhThis song is hard to understand. It's almost as if he's saying that he's being hypnotized by his girlfriend to but her clothes, jewlery, etc. "I'm just sitting in my car and waiting for my girl." Then again I'm probably wrong and that might not be it at all.
  • Jessie from Coffee County, TnI abosolutely love the system. This is definitely my favorite song they've written. B.Y.O.B following. They are so funny and weird, but in a really good way. *~*SOAD rocks hard!!*~*
  • Ben from Cincinnati, Ohhey bob of rio vista, tinnamen square is in china not japan
  • Brian from Altoona, PaThe song is about sweatshops.
  • Bob from Rio Vista, CaI have made an interesting discovery.
    Tinnamen Square was a place where teenagers were "hypnotized" to go to to support Japanese troops, but it was a propaganda trick.
    Everyone in the building was injured or killed.
    The song may actually be solely about Tinnamen Square. The whole "I'm just sitting in my car and waiting for my girl," thing is about a father in his car, waiting for his dead daughter.

    There. That was burning inside me.
  • Cecily from ---, RiSystem of a Down is one of my favorite bands, I've actually been listening to them a lot lately, and I think this is one of their best songs. It shows their true feel. I love how it puts down the media, saying that people basically listen to only what the media say, then take what they want to hear from that. Hearing something is not neccessarily listening. I am one for individuality, and I can completely relate to this song. To me, it says that the government and media control all our decisions, especially in the line "They disguise it, hypnotize it, television made you buy it". System doesn't hide the truth, they state it, leave it right there in the open. Don't hide from the truth, discover what is real. I love how this song is the truth, even though in this case, the truth isn't neccessarily pretty...

    The point I'm trying to make is that I love how this song says that the media is taking over, leaving no room for individuality to breathe. That is almost half-stated in something I wrote a while ago, especially in the lines:
    ...Nothing of the sort
    Exsists any longer.
    No freedom
    Of thought.
    Minds lost
    To fitting in....
  • Andrew from Smithton, Ilumm dont beleive everything soad tells you about their songs. i saw an interview with them and they said superman told them to make a double album... dont beleive what they tell you when they say what their songs mean
  • Petrified Monkey from South Park, CoTyler, I dont know if the album cover is differnt in cannada, but that dosent look like a girl at all ,but to each his own....
  • Brosive from BermudaYea' well SOAD also said aerials is about nothing with i don't believe
  • Matt from Trenton, CanadaActually, "I'm just sitting in my car and waiting for my girl" is literal. Daron told MTV he wrote Hypnotize while he was actually sitting in his car, waiting for his girlfriend.
  • Brosive from Smith's, United StatesA girl was ran over by a tank in the Tiananmen square protest, hence the line, "I'm just sitting in my car waiting for my girl."

    I do truly believe that SOAD does not like to give out the meanings of there songs but would rather you define your own meaning to the songs giving you more connection with the songs. -Brosive-
  • Tess from Modena, NyWhen I hear "sitting in my car waiting for my girl" i imagine him listening to the news on the radio and that gets him thinking about propoganda
  • Laura from San Antonio, Txthis song is one of the best songs ever. my friend leila and i are obsessed with this song (unlike our friend kyle who wont even listen to this song all because he doesnt like soad.) i like how soad sings about how the world really is and there not trying to cover up what is really going on in the world.
  • Rebka from Crapville, WyI like this song. It's wierd. SOAD is wierd. They are full of political propaganda, but I still like them. The sitting in the car waiting for the girl part has no meaning, like Jon said.
  • Jon from Vestal, NyThe lyrics to the song deal with the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. In an interview with MTV, Daron stated that the song was written while he was sitting in his car waiting for his girlfriend (hence the chorus line). Thats what it means, there's no secret meaning behind this one.
  • Tyler from Victoria, CanadaWhile it's mainly talking about propaganda, it's also about the album itself. Because if you notice, the album has a girl on the cover, explaining the line "I'm just sitting in my car and waiting for my girl" , so someone is waiting for the album to be released.
  • Ryan from Sheridan, Wy"I'm just sitting in my car and waiting for my girl" is symbolic of how people go on about their daily lives while this propaganda goes on in the papers and on the tele every day. Hell, he may even be listening to propaganda on the radio while he waits for said girl.
  • Ana from Lokev, Europei think this is the best from the album hypnotize
  • Keith from Kyle, TxSo does the part that's repeated "I'm just sitting in my car, and waiting for my girl" have any significance? I've been trying to figure that out, but maybe it conveys that she's never coming out to see the truth. Hence, he'll continue to wait for her.
  • Miltos from Nicosia, GreeceThis song definately defines the style of system of a down and I think that the meaning is pretty clear. There are of course, as always, several opinions but I think that it's about how the politicians blind the ppl with fake news in order to keep them busy and occupied, hidden away from the truth. The "simple-minded propaganda" verse sang by Darron states that if we open our eyes just a little bit then we will see it's all very stupid and fake
  • Nicky from England, EnglandPeople who dont relate to this song can not be true system fans since hypnotise is how system really feel so if you cant relate to it and accept it you dont understand them
  • Kyla from Bellingham, Waokay yeah SOAD is my most favoritest band...but i just wanted to say that BYOB is for 'build yer own bomb'. this song rocks
  • Miltos from Nicosia, GreeceKyle they are very much anti-government!
  • Adam from Barr., IlTo me the song is about how government makes ppl believe that the way we live in this world and how government is today is ok but its not theres so much wrong in todays system that we r going to hit that point of no return and there wont be a chance to get it back together as we fight and kill other ppl the deeper the hole gets, we will be stuck in a SYSTEM OF A DOWN
  • Alexander from Newburgh, NyBeh...I dont really like this one.I love SOAD though.Hopefully I like the rest of the Hypmotize album.
  • Josh from Brimley, Mitotally man, the kids at Tiananmen Square were standing up for what they believed in. It reminds me of the beginning of the Sugar video with the news anchor saying "I wish I could tell you more pertinent news, but we're under a ratings system and the key factor is sensationalism...i tell you what they want you to know and you consider it the truth. Nobody is opening their eyes." Everybody believes whatever they see on TV because it is on the news. Just like they say in the song, "They disguise it, hypnotize it, television made you buy it."
  • Kyle from San Diego, CaThis is abotu how many Goverment abuse their powere to change the truth its a pretty outright song What happend at tinneman square was lied about and people believed it and so it went with the lie in history books they are trting to get the truth out thats what System is about Truth not anti-Government like everyone seems to think and alot of their songs that seem like they are about the US goverment but most arent their all Pro truth and theres more than one way to manipulate people than just lying you can tell them the truth with a sad face and tears streaming down your face and manipulate them that way many people already do this if you wanna argue or insult me or just talk my email is
    as soon as you turn 18 welcome to the soldier side you are required by law to sign up for the draft and if it comes have fun at war ill be right beside ya refusing to kill for a belief that is not mine "BLAST OFF ITS PARTY TIME AND WE DONT LIVE IN A FACIST NATION! BLAST OFF ITS PARTY TIME AND WHERE THE F**K ARE YOU!" System of a Down-B.Y.O.B.(Bring Your Own Bombs)-Mezmerize gotta get some sleep man so tired
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