Still in Saigon

Album: Windows (1982)
Charted: 22
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  • 'Got on a plane in Fresco and got off in Vietnam.
    I walked into a different world, the past forever gone.
    I could have gone to Canada or I could have stayed in school.
    But I was brought up differently. I couldn't break the rules.

    Thirteen months and fifteen days, the last ones were the worst.
    One minute I kneel down and pray And the next I stand and curse.
    No place to run to where I did not feel that war.
    When I got home I stayed alone and checked behind each door.

    Still in Saigon
    Still in Saigon
    I am Still in Saigon in my mind!

    The ground at home was covered with snow. And I was covered in sweat.
    My younger brother calls me a killer and My daddy calls me a vet.
    Everybody says that I'm someone else That I'm sick and there's no cure.
    Damned if I know who I am. There was only one place I was sure
    When I was

    Still in Saigon
    Still in Saigon.
    I am still in Saigon in my mind!

    Every summer when it rains, I smell the jungle, I hear the planes.
    I can't tell no one I feel ashamed. Afraid someday I'll go insane.

    That's been ten long years ago and time has gone on by.
    But now and then I catch myself
    Eyes searchin' through the sky.
    All the sounds of long ago will be forever in my head.
    Mingled with the wounded's cries and the silence of the dead

    'Cause I'm
    Still in Saigon
    Still in Saigon
    I am still in Saigon in my mind Writer/s: DAN DALEY
    Publisher: ASILOMAR MUSIC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Cole from Dallas,texas, TxI did 3 tours in nam and iam still in Sagion, guess I will always be there, and am proud of it and would do it again. The song tells it just like it is and to hell with the media and dope heads of that time... Us navy swift boats,vietnam 67,68,69.
  • John from Underwood, Inhad forgotten this song..was with another vet last week.....talked about past...this jam captures feeling of returning vets...much like old Marvin Gaye..Whats Going On..same feeling...thank you D Daley, and old Charlie Daniels...don't agree with all your politics.., but sure appreciate your recording this timeless song
  • Michael from Summerdale, AlI have covered this song in every club band I have worked with. I lost my father in the Korean Conflict, so my heart goes out to the vets who lived through, and the families of those who died in that hell. Thank you Mr. Daniels for writing this song and giving those vets without a voice, one that screams out the indiscretions of our government and citizenry of the time. Every time I meet a Viet Vet I have to salute him and apologize to him for the way he has been treated. I know many of those vets and have met hundreds over the years. May we never forget the sacrifice they made in the name of Liberty. Which, by the way, is under attack right here, in this country, right now.
  • Rob from Detroit, MiI saw a television commercial recently that showed several uniformed soldiers walking through an airport to a thunderous ovation provided by spectators. I do not remember such an ovation when I was returning home in 1971.
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