So What

Album: Three Imaginary Boys (1979)
  • Cake icing and decorating set
    Special offer
    Only 3 pound 30
    Save 1 pound 52 on recommended retail price
    Give your cakes and pies a professional look
    With this superb
    Decorating set

    I'm not meant to be here
    But so what?
    And nobody's
    Nobody's taken your place
    Nobody's taken your place

    Each set includes
    A turntable
    A nine inch icing bag
    With six high definition nozzles and adaptor
    With a fifteen inch food decorating bag
    With three piping nozzles
    Please send off this leaflet
    Post it today

    And if you knew
    Nothing could replace you
    If you were sane
    Your heart wouldn't ache
    But so what?
    So what?
    So what?

    Order now
    Allow twenty one days
    For deliver
    This offer closes
    31st December 1979

    British sugar bureau
    When I told you what I
    And I

    And I wouldn't ask you to pretend
    That we were one
    And still another time
    Forget all the lies forgive me the wounds
    And all the world was used to love
    And yes we'd still be happy in another time
    But so what?
    So what?

    So please send me icing and decorating sets
    I enclose a cheque and postal order number

    So what?
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    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Ali from Wine, Cawow....goodness!!! talk about something different. that meanings amazing. this song actually, makes me laugh every time i hear it. he SOUNDS a bit drunk, or else something a bit different, and with all of the background noises, its absolutly brilliant.
    i find the meaning to this song pretty inspiring, considering i grew up with this song (my older sister loved it) and because a lot of their songs, are actually really inspiring.

    if youve never heard it, i really encourage you to. the whole time youll be thinking, "what on earth...was robert diong when he wrote this." i know thats what i always thought. and now i know...he was drunk!
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