Growing On Me

Album: Permission To Land (2003)
Charted: 11
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  • I can't get rid of you
    I don't know what to do
    I don't even know who is growing on who
    'Cause everywhere I go you're there
    Can't get you out of my hair
    Can't pretend that I don't care - it's not fair

    I'm punished for all my offences
    I want to touch you but I'm afraid of the consequences
    I want to banish you from whence you came
    But you're part of me now
    And I've only got myself to blame

    You're really growing on me
    (Or am I growing on you?)
    You're really growing on me
    (Or am I growing on you?)
    Any fool can see

    Sleeping in an empty bed
    Can't get you off my head
    I won't have a life until you're dead
    Yes, you heard what I said

    I want to shake you off but you just won't go
    And you're all over me but I don't want anyone to know
    That you're attached to me, that's how you've grown
    Won't you leave me, leave me alone

    You're really growing on me
    (Or am I growing on you?)
    You're really growing on me
    (Or am I growing on you?)
    Any fool can see

    You're really growing on me
    (Or am I growing on you?)
    You're really growing on me
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  • Steve from Northampton, United KingdomI don't care what anyone says, Hawkin's included. For me it's about having the Crabs.
  • Alan from London, EnglandI just want to throw this little fact from guitar world April 2004 out there.

    "Hawkins..owns up that, yes, "Growing on Me" is a song about genital warts, while "Holding My Own" deals with the tender subject of masturbation."

    I'm not really voicing my opinion one way or another but I figured I"d just let you guys know that Hawkins himself has owned up to it in guitar world, but songs don't need to be about one thing either.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandThe chorus is a complete rip of of "I Touch Myself" by The Divinyls
  • The Darkness Rock from Millmerran, AustraliaI'm back again. Does anybody agree that there should be songfacts on "Black Shuck" for example. It's about a dog from hell that's out to maul a priest. "Get your hands off my woman" It's pretty obvious though. An old guy that should get his hands off Justin's woman. Givin'Up. Heroin. Holding my own. about having Alone time. Friday night. Trying to impress agirl by coping her after school activities.
  • The Darkness Rock from Millmerran, AustraliaThe Darkness are the gods of rock at the moment. I just love 'em. Their new album was out on the 29th of november. It's not as good as the first one but still has it's moments. What they wear is so awesome and Justin Hawkins can sing really high. The Darkness forever
  • David from Birmingham, AlXD I never thought about genital warts or anything, I just thought it was about some chick he really had a big crush on or something. lol
  • James from Bridgend, Walesreid is right that hendrix was from seattle but however he got his big break when Chas Chandler brought him to Britain for the Jimi Hendrix Experience
  • Jacob from Brentwood, TnUnfortunately this song is not about genital warts. If you follow the band you would know that Justin Hawkins has repeatedly stated that this song is not about genital warts. This is the quote from Justin taken off of a VH1 interview - "A sweet lady woman that you will never fully fathom or understand, but you love her so much that after a while it doesn't matter."
  • Reid from Council Bluffs , IaHendrix is from Seattle, Wa. chief
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