The Devil Is Dope

Album: A Dramatic Experience (1973)
Charted: 43
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  • The Devil Is Dope
    But you're caught up in that same ol' patent and trap that the homies go through
    Searchin' for answers without no questions
    You thought it could never happen to you and your crew, but why'all was no exception
    It started out as fun and it was all about kicks (Kicks)
    But each and every kick turned out to be a trick
    Imagine this you got no family, you got no ends
    You got no hustle, no muscle, no car, no clothes, you got no friends
    You once was the neighborhood boss and hog
    And no G livin' legend like walkin' dogs
    Niggaz hate to admit it, but they know it's true
    Damn near everybody in the hood, includin' the kids, want to be just like you
    So, hear I stand as a witness, or, should I say a reclaimed victim
    Written off and spit on by this really sick ass system
    You can roll what I roll in the swirl from the smoke
    Somebody take a vote, the devil is dope

    The devil is dope (Dope)
    Out of control
    The devil is dope
    The devil is dope
    Out to get your soul (Yeah-yeah)
    The devil is dope

    [Verse 2:]
    Things seen only imagined and in dreams
    Until, the same nightmares in tv screens your teenage screams (Ahh!)
    Cause the dosage wasn't right
    Now his chest is gettin' tight
    And everything is goin' black
    But it's the middle of the day, figure that
    But you still can't see with a thousand watt beam (Blind!)
    And you need mo gin to feed your triple beam with schemes (Wake up!)
    Cause traffic done slowed up like the one ten at five
    So, you dance the street section at around two, to try to stay alive
    And now you trapped tryin' to play hockey with some tic tac's (Tic Tac's!)
    And niggaz tellin' you to kick back and bend back, but you already did that
    And all money ain't good money
    But everybody want the cream and honey
    Thinkin' that the other side is all green plus it's sunny (Yeah!)
    But, money, lust, and jealousy most lead to treachery
    From A.C. to O.G. to P.G. to P.C.B.
    As you call for your locs, set adrift in the smoke
    It's like murder, heat, smoke, the devil is dope


    [Verse 3:]
    Sunshine on your mind but darkness prevails
    You move your sales from motel to hotel
    Prerequisite for a blast, merchandise, cash, or ass
    Bloodshed often is the door where personalaties crash
    And it's your task to try to make a meal ticket
    So, you can kick it and be swift with your chicken (Bock-bock!)
    You's a victim and since you got your own mind
    It ain't all your fault, but you gotta do your own time
    Choose your weapon cause your first impression
    Often dictates the situation that you find yourself caught in
    If you still blind and you can't see
    You better obtain yourself some glasses and clear your vision like DMC (Don't run!)
    And remember what I told you
    Remember who brought a soldier
    I want to wake you up like Sega
    consume large amounts of dank-a
    Man overboard
    Beware of the underlords
    Stay your ass on the boat, the devil is dope (Ooh-ooh!)

    [Chorus:] Repeat 2X with adlibs in there Writer/s: ANTHONY HESTER
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Vladimir Ledain from New York CityThe Dramatics were a big influence in my life. I will always cherish their music for all times. Truly a timeless masterpiece!
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