A Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy

Album: Misfits (1978)
Charted: 30
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  • Hello you, hello me
    Hello people we used to be
    Isn't it strange, we never changed
    We've been through it all, yet we're still the same

    And I know, it's a miracle we still go
    For all we know, we might still have a way to go

    Hello me, hello you
    You say you want out, want to start anew
    Throw in your hand, break up the band
    Start a new life, be a new man

    But for all we know, we might still have a way to go
    Before you go, there's something you ought to know

    There's a guy in my block, he lives for rock
    He plays records day and night

    And when he feels down he puts some rock 'n' roll on
    And it makes him feel alright

    And when he feels the world is closing in
    He turns his stereo way up high

    He just spends his life living in a rock 'n' roll fantasy
    He just spends his life living on the edge of reality
    He just spends his life in a rock 'n' roll fantasy

    He just spends his life living in a rock 'n' roll fantasy
    He just spends his life living on the edge of reality
    He just spends his life in a rock 'n' roll fantasy

    He just spends his life living in a rock 'n' roll fantasy
    Look at me, look at you
    You say we've got nothing left to prove
    The King is dead, rock is done
    You might be through, but I've just begun

    I don't know, I feel free and I won't let go
    Before you go, there's something you ought to know

    Dan is a fan and he lives for our music
    It's the only thing that gets him by
    He's watched us grow and he's seen all our shows
    He's seen us low and he's seen us high

    Oh, but you and me keep thinking
    That the world's just passing us by

    Don't want to spend my life living in a rock 'n' roll fantasy
    Don't want to spend my life living on the edge of reality
    Don't want to waste my life hiding away any more

    Don't want to spend my life living in a rock 'n' roll fantasy Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Frank from Montvale, NjAccording to Ray the character dan the fan in this song was written about me, not the whole song but just the character dan the fan because in 1978 when that song was written I already had been to approximetely 125 plus kinks shows and have gone on to see about 150 to 175 more since, plus close to 200 solo Ray and Dave shows combined. - The Montvale, New Jersey Hillbilly Boy aka Dan the Fan in KinKdom ( Frank Lima )
  • Markshark from Denver, CoDear Ryder- I was saddened to read your bigoted comments about "it?s much more thoughtful and deep than their earlier stuff". Apparently you have perhaps been exposed to only the Kinks' top-40 staples... In fact, Ray Davies' songwriting has always been far more philosophical and of a much more demonstrated emotional depth than his peers during any period you care to study. I suggest pulling your head out of top-40 rotation, and delving into Arthur, or The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society, among several others... You are mistaken to form your judgement from only the pop pap, which Davies also has done exceptionally well with.

    And to Greg: THANKS ffor the book tip, I'll track one down!
  • Jim from Long Beach, CaGreat song. I can remember this song on the radio at the time.
  • R.h. from Pauls Valley, OkI agree with Gina from Paradise Valley. This song is about Dave Davies wanting to quit the band because he was basically tired of it all. "Dan is a fan; he's seen our shows; he's seen us low and he's seen us high". This refers to the loyal fans of The Kinks who supported them over all the years; the good and the bad. Just like Dead Heads. Thank you, Gina.
  • Sucrepop from Le Pre Saint Gervais, FranceJust love this song. We've made a cover of it, listenable here


    hope you like it as much we like to record it
  • Jimbo from Sequim, WaRay always writes real stories about believable characters and that's why his songs always grab me. Like so many of his other great songs this one comes straight from the heart and that's why its a personal favorite.
  • Kim from Go Ask Alicewhat instruments are used in this song
  • Ryder from Patricksburg, InThis song makes me come close to crying whenever I hear it. It so beautiful; it?s much more thoughtful and deep than their earlier stuff.
  • Greg from Alsip, IlIn Ray's Waterloo Sunset book he goes into great detail about Dan, who is an obsessive rock music fan who is ready to kill himself. He turns on his radio to listen to one last song before he dies, that is when he hears the news about Elvis dying, thus rock and roll saves his life. A must read for fans of the Kinks as well as literature.
  • Jim from St Louis, MoWhat a great song....just more proof that Ray Davies is one of the greatest writers ever in Rock Music.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaHow did this get in the top 10? and I find this a lot better then Bad Company's "Rock n roll fantasy" Just says something about me I guess.
  • Gina from Paradise Valley, AzThis song is awesome. It seems to me that Ray is singing to his brother...about not breaking up the band and realizing how many people love their music, almost depend on it.
  • Paige from Derry, NhI can relate so closely to this song. I love it so much.
  • Guillermo from Celaya, Mexico "Rock and roll Fantasy" deals about a Rock music fan named Dan, who listen records all day. But is too a statement about the end of "The Rock and Roll era" with the death of the king Elvis, and the surge of the Punk Rock Movement with it's "back to basics" formula. The circle was finished.
    These facts ocurred in 1977, the year the song was written and recorded.
  • Eddie from Petaluma, Cawhat a deep song
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