The Wake Of The Medusa

Album: Hell's Ditch (1990)
  • The guests are stood in silence
    They stare and drink their wine
    On the wall the canvas hangs
    Frozen there in time
    They marvel at the beauty
    The horror and despair
    At the wake of the Medusa
    No one shed a tear

    Sit my friends and listen
    Put your glasses down
    Sit my friends and listen
    To the voices of the drowned

    In the moonlight's ghostly glow
    I waken in a dream
    Once more upon that raft I stand
    Upon a raging sea
    In my ears the moans and screams
    Of the dying ring
    Somewhere in the darkness
    The siren softly sings

    Out there in the waves she stands
    And smiling there she calls
    As the lightning cracks the sky
    The wind begins to howl

    The architects of our doom
    Around their tables sit
    And in their thrones of power
    Condemn those they've cast adrift
    Echoes down the city street
    Their harpies laughter rings
    Waiting for the curtain call
    Oblivious in the wings

    The casket is empty
    Abandon ye all hope
    They ran off with the money
    And left us with the ropeWriter/s: JEREMY MAX FINER
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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