She Was Hot

Album: Undercover (1983)
Charted: 42 44
  • New York was cold and damp
    TV is just a blank
    Looks like another dead end Sunday

    What about an early night
    Monday never feels so bright
    Ooh the sheets feel cold and lonely

    Who wants to brave the pouring rain
    For a glass of French champagne?
    Well grab a cab, grab a cap and baby, come right by

    And she was hot, as she kissed my mouth
    She was hot, as I wiped her brow
    She was hot, she pinned me to the ground
    She was quick, she knew her way around
    She was hot, as she tore my clothes
    She was hot, she had no place to go
    She was hot, on a cold and rainy night

    Detroit was smoky grey
    Nothing like the good old days
    Well I got a fever that I'm fighting

    I don't need your company
    Leave me in my misery
    I can take the rebound just like lightning

    And she was hot, in a 50's dress
    She was hot, her lips were flashing red
    I was lost, in her burning flesh
    I was hot, I was dripping sweat
    She was hot, in the Detroit snow
    She was hot, she had no place to go
    She was hot, on a cold and rainy night

    And she was hot, and I had the blues
    She was hot, honey, where were you?
    If you were in my shoes
    You would be excused

    She was hot, you could never wait
    She was hot, never hesitate
    She was hot, on a cold and rainy night

    I think I'm going off the rails
    Riding down the pleasure trails
    I was taking passion where you find it

    Honey when you're young and fresh
    And you need the touch of flesh
    Go take the treasure where you find it

    And she was hot, in the melted snow
    She was hot, in the molten glow
    She was hot, she got it in the blood
    She was hot, like the dam that bursts
    She was strong, she was strong and true
    She was black, and her eyes were blue
    She was lost, and she took a chance
    At just a brief romance

    Down the avenue into the lost bayou
    Into the tall bamboo, back to the human zoo
    I wish you all the best, I hope we meet again
    In a cold Chicago night

    She was hot
    She was hot
    She was hot hot hot
    She was hot hot hot
    She was hot hot hot
    She was hot hot hot
    She was hot hot hot
    She was hot hot hot
    She was hot hot hot
    She was hot hot hot Writer/s: Keith Richards, Mick Jagger
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Guy from Benson, NcDuran Duran has NO talent? You're crazy. Yeah, they are a pop band, but darn good musicians.
  • Craig from Melbourne, AustraliaSee the bendy rubber guitar Ronnie uses in the clip? He gave it to one of the guys from Duran Duran. Members of that "new wave" band visited the Stones recording sessions. The band were stunned that the Stones played together in the studio. Duran Duran, having no talent, were more or less an 80's version of The Monkees. Why Ronnie befriended them, i do not know.
  • Ethan from Portland, Orgreat song, one of the best that the Stones have never played in concert. BUST IT OUT!
  • Jim from Oxnard, CaI saw the video the other day and there was a LOT of innuendo (Keith's cigarrette disintegrating, etc.) and with the way MTV is going these days, I can't see why they didn't play this video in its original version. Heck, if they played Fountains of Wayne's "Stacy's Mom," "She Was Hot" is way tamer.
  • Dave from London , CanadaOne of the dumber Stones songs.
  • Mark from Akron, OhActually the red head was the late actress Anita Morriss. She was also in the
    movie "Ruthless People". Mick sang the movie's title track "Ruthless People". Sadly Anita passed away of Cancer.
  • Sasha from Manhattan, NyI have read that the redheaded dancer in the video is Patti Hansen. Keith Richard's long time girlfriend.
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