Album: Rising Down (2008)
  • [Chorus]
    Monday they predict the storm
    Tuesday they predict the bad
    Wednesday they cover the grass
    And I can see it's all about cash
    And they got the nerve to hunt down my ass
    And treat me like a criminal

    [Black Thought]
    Look, it is what it is
    Because of what it was
    I did what I did
    Cause it does what it does
    I don't put nothin' above
    What I am, what I love
    My family, my blood
    My city and my hood
    Hater for the greater good
    I'm back from Hollywood
    And I ain't changed a lick
    Though, I know I probably should
    But, what I'm doin' is not a good look
    I never did it by the good book, as a lifetime crook
    All the petty crime took a toll on me
    I look around at my homies that's gettin' old on me
    But still somethin' gotta hold on me
    Maybe it's faith
    If it's comin', yo I'm willing to wait
    I'm not runnin', I done ran through the mud
    I done scrambled and such
    I done robbed an odd job and gambled enough
    Till I'm put up in handcuffs
    And pissin' in a cup
    If there's a God,
    I don't know if he listenin' or what


    [Truck North]
    Yeah, it is what it is
    And that's how it go
    Get treated like a criminal
    If crime is all you know
    Get greeted like a nigga
    If a nigga saw your show
    A public enemy, to send a eye in the scope
    My city like a island where you can't find a boat
    Have you wishin' for a raft
    And prayin' that hope flows
    Some real f'ing things going down low so,
    Who lookin' for a chair and some real strong rope
    Just to end it all here
    Screamin' "fuck the mayor"
    He see the faces at the bottom of the welfare
    They act like I'm somethin' to fear
    Trapped in urban warfare
    And pullin' triggers at a college career
    Can't ignore the call of the wild
    That's drawin' 'em near
    Try to make fast money last long some years
    Try to laugh it off
    Still couldn't lose the tears
    To the rules, I will not adhere
    Break the law, yeah


    Who wanna challenge mine?
    I'm sick of St. Valentine
    I did the violent crimes
    That's why I got this style of rhyme
    Seek repentance to spittin' them sentences
    To senseless experience is the difference
    You can't convince this
    In a crime sense, niggas is infants
    I'm like a senior citizen
    Still livin' but gettin' benefits
    Put emphasis on hittin' my nemesis in high percentages
    Crooked ass cops is the reason for my belligerence
    And it gets deeper than that
    Remember nights I used to sleep wit a gat
    With a package of crack under my sneaker strap
    D's sneak attack and raid me
    It took a week for that
    Beat the rat, but you're sayin' "look, he think he the mack"
    Fuck yall!
    Niggas who thinkin' they might try us
    Watch us inside riots
    Blue cars and light fires
    We already been knocked, scrutinized
    Plus, cops rush to brutalize us
    America's polluted by lust
    Who could I trust?
    If I can't trust you, then I might touch you
    If I ain't got love for you
    Then fuck you!

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