Time Of The Season

Album: Odessey And Oracle (1968)
Charted: 3
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  • It's the time of the season
    When love runs high
    And this time, give it to me easy
    And let me try with pleasured hands

    To take you in the sun to (promised lands)
    To show you every one
    It's the time of the season for loving

    What's your name? (What's your name?)
    Who's your daddy? (Who's your daddy?)
    (He rich?) Is he rich like me?
    Has he taken (has he taken)
    Any time (any time)
    (To show) To show you what you need to live?

    Tell it to me slowly (tell you what?)
    I really want to know
    It's the time of the season for loving

    What's your name? (What's your name?)
    Who's your daddy? (Who's your daddy?)
    (He rich?) Is he rich like me?
    Has he taken (has he taken)
    Any time (any time)
    (To show) To show you what you need to live?

    Tell it to me slowly (tell you what?)
    I really want to know
    It's the time of the season for loving Writer/s: Rod Argent
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  • George from Vancouver, CanadaI see this as a very sexual song -- the bass line lends itself well to moving the mood from soft petting to full-on domination of woman by man. What's your name -- puts him in control of her when she gives it. "Who's your daddy?" (who is master over you?); a late buddy was good at this. One NYE, there was a very high-strung & neurotic neighbour of mine, whom he addressed sternly by name during a whine, stopping jher mid-rant, then exerted control with, "Shut the fk up & sit the fk down!" & she was his for the taking ("What's your name? Who's your daddy?" in full exercised glory); yes, this is poetic interpretation, not the writer's stated intent
  • George from Vancouver, CanadaFTR, "daddy" in a sexual sense doesn't usually(AR notwithstanding, per rumours) mean incestual relations with your male parent. It's used by the girl to indicate complete & utter trust in her man. Or, in some types of relationships, to submit to his dominance/authority (naked in bed, rather than dressed in her childhood home); Moral: don't let your misunderstanding of a word affect the goodness of a song. The writer intended this to be a happy-go-lucky hippie-dippy mellow yourself tf out type of song. . . Anything else ids poetic umagination & valid for you, sure, but not canonical.
  • George from Vancouver, CanadaSuch a mellow & interesting bass background; I always thought the chorus was "What's Your Name? / Who's Your Daddy? / Is He Rich Like Me?" & involved the singer trying to take a girl away from her father or pimp, or even current boyfriend. Learning the truth doesn't detract from the song's enjoyability for me. I can see romance in singing this to my gal & asking "Who's Your Daddy" while looking into her eyes & she breathlessly murmers, "Only You, Daddy." (not daddy like incest, daddy, more like comforting older man in her daily life
  • Gigi from NcThe first time I heard "Time of the Season" (The Zombies) was at a dance at the YMCA when I was in the 8th grade. The song had just been released. As a 13 year old adolescent (probably going through puberty) the effect of this song on me while at the dance was uncanny. I thought it was the sexiest song I had ever heard and far different from the love songs of The Beatles years earlier. 53 years later, I'm taken back to that dance at "The Y" when I hear the song spun on our little local radio station. It's still the sexiest song I've ever heard.
  • Ken from Philadelphia, PaA bit of trivia for those who love such things. This song... and most everything on Odessey and Oracle... makes great use of an early synthesizer, a mellotron. This was just a lucky coincidence as there happened to be a mellotron in the studio when they arrived to begin recording and Rod Argent started playing around with it. They were recording in Abby Road studios and it turns out that the mellotron was John Lennon’s. The Beatles had just used it to record “Strawberry Fields Forever” and Lennon hadn’t gotten around to shipping it back to his house.

    A bit more trivia: When one thinks of a synthesizer, you always presume high tech. The mellotron, was the first (or nearly so) synthesizer and it was an interesting mix of high tech and low tech in a steampunk type of way. It used hundreds of short recordings of various instruments up and down the scales. If you set it to the sound of a violin and hit a note, the mellotron played a recording of a violin playing that note. As soon as you moved to another note, the “tape” for the previous note would rapidly rewind to prepare for the next time you needed it. While the sound of the tapes rewinding wouldn’t be heard on any record, you COULD hear them while sitting at the mellotron which might get a bit unnerving. I was always curious if it would get overloaded of a fast player went off on a long solo and got ahead of the tapes rewinding.
  • Dan from Sarasota, FlSaw the Zombies do this song as well all the songs from Odessey And Oracle last night in Orlando. All the original band members performed (save for original guitarist Paul Atkinson who had died) and it was pure patchouli bliss.
  • Randy Randy from OtherThe breath noises resemble those that are in Syd Barret /Pink Floyd "Matilda Mother."
  • Markantney from BiloxeJan 2016,

    The only thing wrong with the song is how short it is. And my man that says the words "To Show" and "He Rich" louder-deeper-slower tempo than the lead singer after he sings his line trips me out.
  • Jace from Whitehall, PaA sweet keyboard solo in a track just dripping with sexuality. Appalachian Trail... let's get on this, yes?
  • Cyberpope from Richmond, CanadaI guess if you're from Arkansas, "Who's your daddy" is a nice sexy question to ask when you pumpkin!

    The last nickname I want from a lover is, "Daddy"!
  • Krista from Carbondale, PaI LOVEEE the beat to this song and the line "What's your name, who's your daddy?"
  • Malena from Monterrey, Mexicoloved the movie...AWAKENINGS.....AND THIS SONG TOO
  • Sarah from East Stroudsburg, PaThis song was used in the begining of the new Prom Night.
  • John from Manila, OtherCome to imagine how they used the "breath sound" .. creatively.
  • Guy from Wellington, New ZealandWay cool song. Just love the panting/sighing at the end of the intial lead-in riff. Very evocative of the time in which it was written. "What's your name? Who's your daddy? Is he rich like me?" What babe could resist an approach sung like that? ;-7
  • John from Woburn, MaI second john from anaheim. In a way this song almost doesnt fit in the album that end. in addition to listening to "A Rose for Emily" and "Brief Candles" try "I Want Her She Wants Me" and "Care of Cell 44". Great vocals, keyboards, emotion. Awesome
  • John from Anaheim, CaFantastic song. Too bad it overshadows the album (Odyssey and Oracle). If anyone is looking to try something new, please have a listen to the entire album. Every song is beautiful in its own way. Two of my favorites are "A Rose for Emily" and "Brief Candles".
  • Elie from Londonwhats ure name whose ure daddy is he rich like me
    i wonder if this line really works
  • John from Millersville, MdThey use this song on a fairly new sprite commercial. Some guy is watering some flowers with sprite and the flwowers start singing it.
  • John from Douglassville, PaI pick Time Of The Season, God Only Knows, and Strawberry Fields as tied for 1st place as the most intriguing rock songs to date. Comfortably Numb is close.
  • Bob from Los Angeles, MsBecause it was released in England in 1967, but it was released in 1969 in the U.S.
  • Don from Detroit, MiIt was recorded in 1967 - released in 1968 - hit the charts in 1969.
  • Steve from Torrance, CaKeyboardist Rod Argent and bassist Chris White went on to form Argent in 1969. In 1974, Argent covered this song on their "Encore" live album.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesColin Blunstone was an on-off "member" of The Alan Parsons Project after the demise of the Zombies, as well as a successful solo artist
  • Dan from Dublin, OhBig Blue Missile featuring Scott Weiland did a remake of this song, which was featured on the Ausin Powers soundtrack. It was pretty good.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScJust a quick question. If the album that this song is on was realeased in 1967, how come the song wasn't realeased until 1969.
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