She Blinded Me With Science

Album: The Golden Age Of Wireless (1983)
Charted: 49 5
  • It's poetry in motion
    She turned her tender eyes to me
    As deep as any ocean
    As sweet as any harmony

    Mm, but she blinded me with science
    She blinded me with science
    And failed me in biology, yeh yeh

    Now uh, huh huh
    When I'm dancing close to her
    Blinding me with science, science

    I can smell the chemicals
    Blinding me with science, science

    Mm, but it's poetry in motion
    And when she turned her eyes to me
    As deep as any ocean
    As sweet as any harmony

    She blinded me with science
    She blinded me with science
    And failed me in geometry

    When she's dancing next to me
    Blinding me with science, science

    Mmm mmm, mmm mmm, mmm

    I can hear machinery
    Blinding me with science, science

    Huh, it's poetry in motion
    And now she's making love to me
    The spheres're in commotion
    The elements in harmony

    She blinded me with science
    She blinded me with science
    And hit me with technology

    Good heavens Miss Sakamoto, you're beautiful

    I, I don't believe it
    There she goes again
    She's tidied up and I can't find anything
    All my tubes and wires
    And careful notes
    And antiquated notions

    But, it's poetry in motion
    And when she turned her eyes to me
    As deep as any ocean
    As sweet as any harmony

    Unh, she's blinding me with science
    She blinded me with science
    She blinded me with

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  • Noah Frank from Granite Bay, California Really love the one hit wonder song from the early 80s and the music video is totally awesome that shows the rest home for deranged scientists when Thomas Dolby appears at the place that he met up with the iconic British scientist Dr Magnus Pyke for his shouting word "Science". Also I really do love Thomas's glasses that he looks like a prolific nutty professor.
  • Seventhmist from 7th HeavenNo song typified 80s techno-pop the way this one did.
  • Bruce from San Jose, CaBeing an old-school "First-Gen" MTVer back when it first started, I enjoyed this funny music video immensely when it first came out, and I recall that it got lots of play time on the channel.

    Fast-forward decades later, and I am downloading a digital version of the song, and with earphones I was quite impressed with the quality of the beat (very rich and dynamic), which was largely missing in the audio of the TV music video version that I saw often on TV.

    I always loved the crazier music vids like this song has.... Let's say it ALLL TOGETHER now: "S-C-I-E-N-C-E!"
  • Pat from Albuquerque, NmThis song was both goofy and SCIENCE! A lot of my scientific friends loved this song, as do I.
  • Esskayess from Dallas, TxI loved the way Dolby played with the left-right channels on this one. Best way to hear it is with a good pair of headphones.
  • Hugo from Philadelphia, Pa@Mike, Clinton: Good to see another fan who knows some other songs. I love "Pirate Twins", but my favorite is definitely "Commercial Breakup".
  • Unclesmedley from Westerly, Ri"Magnus Pyke" - Now THERE'S a name...
  • Phillip from Roswell, GaThis is song is played by the Georgia Tech band at football games. Since it is an engineering school, the song fits.
  • Joycemorrison from Phfunny, that he calls this very popular hit "meaningless". =D twas commented earlier (by Erik) that this song was a sign of the times -- yea,i agree. i could picture this part of the soundtrack of those computer-themed movies in the 80s. Thomas has another song, "Airwaves" which i like very much.
  • Michael from San Diego, CaMutt Lange sang back-up on this? That hit making machine! He was already a very succesful producer with many hit bands to his credit, then he goes on to become an unofficial member of Def Leppard, followed by him marrying Shania Twain! How much good fortune should one guy get in a lifetime?
  • Desmond from Atlanta, GaI also worked at Kohl's and they played a remake of this classic song once every hour. It was pretty creative and modern.
  • Desmond from Atlanta, GaI also worked at Kohl's Department Store and they played that song once every hour. I thought it was pretty creative how it was "remixed".
  • Mike from Clinton, MaThomas Dolby has so much more than just this song. "Europa and the Pirate Twins", "Close But No Cigar" (awsome song) and "I Love You Goodbye" are way better than this one. He's also a great inventor too, Dolby was the brains behind the MP3 player and cell phone ringtones with his company Beatnik. He has just begun playing agian in New York pubs and plans on releasing a new album of new songs soon.
  • Dali from Dallas, TxThomas Dolby also had a lawsuit of his own. The company Dolby wanted to sue him, beacause of the use of "Dolby" in his name. They wanted him to drop it. I don't know what was the outcome of the lawsuit after that.
  • Alex from Bethlehem, GaThis song is played on the Mythbuster commercials on Discovery.
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhI believe Tom Dolby originally played synethiser for Brit band Foreigner for hitting big.
  • Josh from Searcy, ArThis song is/was the "theme" song for the FASHION CHEMISTRY campaign (2005) for the KOHL'S Department Stores. I work(ed) for Kohl's and had to listen to the sample from this song at least 50 times a day. Then I would come home and then hear it on the commercials for Kohl's. AAAAAhhhhhh! I'm going INSANE!!!!
  • Kendall from Thomasville, GaThis is the wackiest (in a good way :) songs I have ever heard... Me and my sister were laughing like we were insane when we first heard this one!
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InCan we say MTV rotation? One of the classic videos from a day long past. To bad they don't have a retro night on MTV or at least a new channel that would go down memory lane once in awhile instead of the reality based garbage they play now for this selfish over indulgent youth of today.
  • Jude from Thomasville, GaThis came out when I was in college, and the outsider clique I ran with thought it was terribly witty, especially those majoring in - you guessed it - SCIENCE! (We were also heavily into Monty Python and frequently requested a shrubbery.) Maybe it was a sign of the times, but as far as I know, we all turned out Ok. The song still makes me smile, so I appreciate Thomas Dolby and wish him well.
  • Otto from Miami, FlIn 2004, a part of this song was sampled on the song "Got It Twisted" by rapper Mobb Deep.
  • John from Westport, CtThis is a clasic, never gets old..."SCIENCE!"
  • Christian from Munich, GermanyThis song also appears in episode 13, "Escobar Gallardo" of the first season of "nip/tuck". Didn't hear it for almost 15 years...
  • Steph from Ottawa, CanadaI don't know if this song made science cool, or more nerdy.
  • Shana from Pembroke, Canadahahaha funny song, its used in shampoo commercials
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesThe second of six UK hits for Thomas Dolby - he also went Top 20 in 1984 with "HYPERACTIVE!!!", but although his hits faded away, he continues to record today to massive cult following
  • Tamalee from Cornelius, OrThe guy in the video on top of the roof later commited suicide by throwing himself off a roof. :(
  • Erik from Davis, CaI wouldn't say this song was meaningless. It was just a sign of the times, really.
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