Highest In The Room

Album: Jackboys (2019)
Charted: 2 1
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  • (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

    I got room
    In my fumes (yeah)
    She fill my mind up with ideas
    I'm the highest in the room (it's lit)
    Hope I make it outta here (let's go)

    She saw my eyes, she know I'm gone (ah)
    I see some things that you might fear
    I'm doin' a show, I'll be back soon (soon)
    That ain't what she wanna hear (nah)
    Now I got her in my room (ah)
    Legs wrapped around my beard (uh)
    Got the fastest car, it zoom (zoom)
    Hope we make it outta here
    When I'm with you, I feel alive
    You say you love me, don't you lie (yeah)
    Won't cross my heart, don't wanna die
    Keep the pistol on my side (yeah)

    Case it's fumes
    She fill my mind up with ideas (straight up)
    I'm the highest in the room (it's lit)
    Hope I make it outta here (let's go)

    Su black Ferrari le doy gas
    Caballos suenan con delay
    Si quieres duro el quiere má'
    Aquí siempre hay un beso de ley, uy
    Si ahora de fiera no me fuera a conocer
    Chaqueta al hombro y la cadena hasta el pie
    Si ahora de fiera no me fuera a conocer
    Lolli-lollipop viene cash
    Ay, shine ya la' joya'
    Balas que duelen por detrás
    Broom broom, yo también acicalá ('cicalá)
    Ojalá que me cojas confesá'

    (Ah, this my life, I did not choose)
    Uh, been on this since we was kids
    (Ayy, gon' stay on top and break the rules)
    Uh, I fill my mind up with ideas
    Case it's fumes
    She fill my mind up with ideas (straight up)
    I'm the highest in the room (I'm the highest, it's lit)
    Hope I make it outta here

    Baby, I just left from Vegas
    Did 'em dirty on the table
    Went and bought a new Bentayga
    I paid cash, don't see no paper
    Buy it, park it, tint it later
    All my car's inside tomato
    From Atlanta, not Decatur
    I'm the one they say, "Don't play with"
    Make them boys get on your table
    High-five LeBron, floor seat the Lakers
    Get more paper, get more haters
    Standin' still, my diamonds skatin'
    Fucked her once, she think we datin'
    I can spend it, I've been savin'
    I'ma spin ya, try to play me
    I've been trappin' up them millions, used to trap it off a RAZR
    Back when I was sellin' two-for-five plays, called in my RAZR
    Niggas never had to give it to me, I want it and I'ma take it
    Guaranteed to tell a hoe goodbye if she ain't tryna get naked

    I'm like mm, mm-hm
    Gotta get up out my room
    Got some more bad vibes comin' through
    Hm, she gon' bust a move
    Make it do

    I'm the highest, you might got the Midas touch
    What the vibe is? And my bitch the vibiest, yeah
    Everyone excited, everyone too excited, yeah now
    Play with the giants, little bit too extravagant, yeah now
    Night, everyone feel my vibe, yeah
    In the broad day, everyone hypnotizing, yeah
    I'm okay and I take the cake, yeah (yo también acicalá) Writer/s: Dominique Jones, Jacques Webster, Mike Dean, Nik Frascona, Ozan Yildrim, Rosalia Vila Tobella
    Publisher: CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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