Boy Girl
by U2

  • Boy-girl, boy-girl
    When a boy meets a girl

    Finding out
    I'm finding out the things
    That I've been talking about
    I'm finding all the things
    That I've been missing out
    Finding all the things
    I lose my mind
    Sometimes fall behind

    You and I we live on the big ship
    And time goes by
    You make up and I believe a lady's lie
    The skinheads call it strawberries and cream
    Sometimes I scream

    Boy-girl, boy-girl
    When a boy meets a girl

    We go out
    A picture or a disco or a roundabout
    I walk you home, I hold you there
    You're giving out
    I open doors so I can shut your face
    Know your place

    Boy-girl, boy-girl
    When a boy meets a girl

    You can take me in your hand
    Stand back, leave me, come in
    Up and down and all around
    You will sideways to the ground

    Boy-girl, boy-girl
    When a boy meets a girl
    [Repeat until end]

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  • Beau from Phoenix, Az"One of the first things that the Virgin Prunes wrote, was something we did with U2, a song called 'Sad'. I don't think it was ever recorded by either band. We had collaborated on that, and we took that forward with 'Boy-Girl'. We took that title and wrote two separate songs. Ours was dealing with bi-sexuality and that gender-bending thing, where they were talking about a more onventional form of love, with a strong boyhod-to-manhood theme going down." - Gavin Friday.

    Therefore, the website is partially correct.
  • Rob from Orem, UtI believe steph got it right. There is nothing in this song that steers the mind toward bisexuality. If you are going to call youself song"facts" you better be factual and not "opinion". Find a quote by Bono that states the theme of this song. That would be a fact. It has to supported.
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