Staring At The Sun
by U2

Album: Pop (1997)
Charted: 3 26
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  • Summer stretching on the grass
    Summer dresses pass
    In the shade of a willow tree
    Creeps a crawling over me
    Over me and over you
    Stuck together with God's glue
    It's going to get stickier too
    It's been a long hot summer
    Let's get undercover
    Don't try too hard to think
    Don't think at all
    I'm not the only one
    Starin' at the sun
    Afraid of what you'd find
    If you took a look inside
    Not just deaf and dumb
    Staring at the sun
    Not the only one
    Who's happy to go blind

    There's an insect in your ear
    If you scratch it won't disappear
    It's gonna itch and burn and sting
    Do you want to see what the scratching brings
    Waves that leave me out of reach
    Breaking on your back like a beach
    Will we ever live in peace?
    'Cause those that can't do often have to
    Those that can't do often have to preach

    To the ones staring at the sun
    Afraid of what you'd find
    If you took a look inside
    Not just deaf and dumb
    Staring at the sun
    I'm not the only one
    Who's happy to go blind

    Intransigence is all around
    Military still in town
    Armour plated suits and ties
    Daddy just won't say goodbye
    Referee won't blow the whistle
    God is good but will he listen
    I'm nearly great
    But there's something I'm missing
    I left in the duty free
    Though you never really belonged to me

    You're not the only one
    Starin' at the sun
    Afraid of what you'd find
    If you stepped back inside
    I'm not sucking my thumb
    I'm staring at the sun
    Not the only one
    Who's happy to go blind

    Ah ah I
    Ah ah I
    Ah ah I
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  • Glenstorm from 37211I think Acrobat is absolutely correct. Acrobat said, "this song refers to people and faith, and how they test it, or chose to follow it blindly at times." Actually, I would put it this way: This song does refer to people and faith, but rather how they walk by faith and not by sight, to put it Biblically. And it is a call and a challenge to do so (walk by faith and not by sight), knowing that God will direct our steps if we step out in faith, relying on Him and His guidance and strength and not our own. Grace and peace to all!
  • Megan from Halifax Heard this song a million times and is one of my favourites by U2, which I honestly could take them or leave them. This song however always stood out so I decided to really take it in and in my opinion it is about how as a society we are ignorant to the limitless possibilities of much more exciting both within the universe and also within each individual person. I think the way the story or message is put together, metaphorically is extremely crafty and can be very personal to anyone who chooses to look inside their selves and think outside the box of what we are moulded to believe because because regulations is reassuring to a lot of people but you will live much more out of life when you step outside.....rebelling against being told not to look at the sun. Test the limits that call out to you. If you go blind atleast you made the step and be confident you won't regret it!
  • Brendan from Dublin, Irelandpop is a good album,like do you feel loved? discotheque,wake up dead man,staring at the sun are incredible songs and mofo is ridiculous but still awesome
  • Ken from Singapore, Singaporethis song talk about tinnitus. i have it and i heard this song back in 1997 and makes no sense but now i understood. waves of ringing sound(insect noise) in my left ear 24/7. will i have any peace i still searching for it.only those with t will know what i means.
  • Buddy from Barbourville, KyHave you ever seen Bono and Edge perform this unplugged? It's amazing!
  • Mark from Cardiff, WalesPerhaps the song is about global warning and the fact that people just ignore the dangers. The lyrics are very cryptic!
  • Dawson from Draper, UtI love the album Pop. Do You Feel Loved is definately one of my Top 5 U2 songs.
  • Leon from Waterbury, CtYou can kind of tell Pop was rushed...but I don't think it's so bad. Without a doubt, it wasn't one of their best, but it's pretty decent.
  • Shehryar from Islamabad, Pakistanpop is underrated, some real gems on there... although i am growing more and more curious what with all this talk of how much better it could have been by the band themselves... they probably have a vision for it, and i hope to be able to hear it someday
  • Acrobat from Adelaide, AustraliaI think this song refers to people and faith, and how they test it, or chose to follow it blindly at times
  • Jim from Burlington, Vtwhat's this song really about though?
  • Tomas from Chicago, IlI think its actually a pretty good album, not the best U2 album, but a great one indeed
  • Angela from Hagerstown, Mdthe album Larry really doesn't like is the Passengers album. i don't blame him, it's very artsy, but not easy to listen to.
  • Mary from Medina, Nyi think the comments that larry makes about how pop would have been a masterpiece can be accepted and believed..i dont see why people hate the album so bad,its not all that bad,just a little soft. i for one don't think pop is terrible at all. anybody with me?
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