Who We Are

Album: Midnight Special (2012)
  • Bourbon and whiskey, tequila and scotch
    Chocolate martinis and Jägerbomb shots
    Ice cold cerveza replaces a day
    Takes off the edge and takes us away

    Play us a song about losing
    Play us a song about love
    Play us a song about freedom
    Feeling wild and young

    And play that piano
    Let every song reach into our hearts
    Play that piano
    And let us forget who we are

    They wanna shake it to mustang sally
    They're screaming Margarita-Ville
    Writing New Orleans ladies, somebody's baby
    On 100 dollar bills

    All the boys wanna hear Bocephus
    Centerfold and purple rain
    It's all drunken drama, somebody's mama
    Got runned over by a damned old train

    Sing us a song about dreaming
    Sing us a song about life
    Sing us a song about leaving
    Cheatin' husbands and wives

    We hide from tomorrow and yesterday's hells
    We run from each other, we run from ourselves
    Get lost in the music, get lost in the dark
    What we all have in common is our favorite bar

    So play that piano
    Fill us with laughter and tear us apart
    Play that piano
    And let us forget who we are

    Play that piano
    And let us forget who we are Writer/s: CHRIS TOMKINS, MATTHEW SHAFER
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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