A Boy Brushed Red... Living In Black And White

Album: They're Only Chasing Safety (2006)
  • Can you feel your heartbeat racing?
    Can you taste the fear in her sweat?
    You've done this wrong
    It's too far gone
    These sheets tell of regret
    I admit that I'm just a fool for you
    I am just a fool for you

    Here is where we both go wrong
    Tonight's your last chance to
    Do exactly what you want to
    And this could be my night
    This is what makes me feel alive
    Makes you feel alive
    Here is where we both go wrong
    So sign me up
    And toss this key
    'Cause for now we're
    Living in this moment
    And we both ignore the truth
    Its all over
    Its all over

    I feel your heart against mine
    So take a breath and close your eyes

    Your lungs have failed and they both stopped breathing
    My heart is dead and its way past beating
    Something has gone terribly wrong
    I'm scared, you're scared, we're scared of this
    I never thought we'd make it out alive
    I never told you but its all in your goodbyes
    It's all in your goodbyes

    Well look who's dying now
    Slit wrists sleeping with the girl next door
    I always knew you were such a sucker for that
    It doesn't matter what you say
    You never mattered anyway
    Never mattered anyway

    In this moment that we both ignore the truth
    It's all over
    It's all over
    I feel your heart against mine
    So take a breath and close your eyes


    Don't shake, I hate to see you tremble
    Trembling you've lost your touch
    Haven't you, I'm so addicted


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  • Jim Daniel from TxThis is my interpretation of the song and since I'm not claiming it as factual I don't want any s--t from you guys who say I'm wrong.

    Anyway, what I feel like this song is about is a relationship after their first time f--king, particularly the man's perspective "Can you feel your heartbeat racing, can you taste the fear in her sweat" supports that. I think that the song is talking about how maybe it didn't go as planned the first time, maybe he didn't do something he wanted to or did more than he wanted or intended to do "you've done this wrong, it's too far gone". I think that the following line is stating the feelings at the time almost blatantly "these sheets tell of regret" he feels remorse for what he's done and is scared of the repercussions, if those repercussions are that he isn't ready to be a father or if they're just the simple fear of the emotional change in the relationship. "I admit that I'm just a fool for you, just a fool for you" is in my interpretation him saying that he loses control when he's around her, he just gives in to whatever is going on because he loves her. "Tonight's your last chance to do exactly what you want to" could be him saying internally that if he doesn't do it with her now she might leave him or he won't ever be in that situation ever again. "And this could be my night, this is what makes me feel alive" this line is in my opinion him saying that this feeling is a rush for him a sort of high that is making him feel alive or feel real which then makes it an addiction or an insatiable craving. "So sign me up, and toss this key" this line is saying that if they do this now, they'll never have their innocence or in this case their virginity again. The visual of someone tossing a key gives a feeling of enchainment, or a forever sense of hopelessness that you can't get back what you had. The line "living in this moment, and we both ignore the truth" he could be saying that since they're both living in what is going on that they can't realize that what is happening could lead to their end. Then in the next part of the song he says "your lungs have failed and they both stopped breathing, my heart is dead and it's way past beating" which in a lot of underoath songs death symbolizes loss or going away, probably meaning that they broke up. The line "something has gone terribly wrong" could mean that either the breakup ended badly, or that he got her pregnant and then she didn't want to be with him any more. The thought about her getting pregnant is almost reaffirmed in the next line "I'm scared, You're scared, We're scared of this" because in my experience most people who aren't ready to be parents are scared of the thought that they could be a parent. The next part gets a little confusing because the words "I never thought we'd make it out alive" sounds like it could be a part of a conversation, which if thinking in that train of thought would be followed by "I never told you but it's all in your goodbyes" which could mean since he said goodbye, she could never tell him that she was pregnant. The line "Well look who's dying now, slit wrists sleeping with the girl next door" is describing how he's feeling. He feels that he's dying and he has been suicidal or wanting to inflict harm by cutting his wrists, and has just started sleeping with whoever is willing, desecrating the hope of innocence that he still can't get back. "I always knew you were such a sucker for that" could be that he thinks that's what she'd be saying about him, that he just was a sucker for sex. "It doesn't matter what you say, You never mattered anyway, Never mattered anyway" could be his feelings towards this new girl. She never mattered he was just with her for the instant gratification, sex. After that it repeats the chorus. But the outro is deep. "Don't shake, I hate to see you tremble" could be that he's coming clean to her about what he did and how he feels. She might be scared and trembling because of that fear. "Trembling you've lost your touch" could be that he's feeling like before what happened she could effortlessly make him feel ok but now she has lost that ability. "Haven't you" is just him agreeing to the fact that she lost her touch. "I'm so addicted" the final words on the track could be him just stating that he's addicted to the sex or that euphoria of having sex.

    SONG OVER RANT OVER THANKS FOR READING IF YOU DID REALLY READ ALL THE WAY IT MEANS A LOT. Underoath is a kickass band and thanks for reading my s--tty interpretation of a great song by a great band.
  • Kate from Longmont, CoThis is my fave song!! I listen to it all the time and it still gives me chills every time.. Guitar part is sick!!! I just learned how to play the drum part. =)
  • Josh from Jonesboro, ArKevinrocks you got it right. completely.
  • Andy from Elyria, Ohkevinrocks409, you pretty much got it right. they kinda go into some of the specifics of the repercussions in the second verse. I think the 2 people actually separated or broke up after what happend. And the second verse talks about what the guy did after that.
  • Sharon from London, Englandsome time ago, i would listen to this song every time someone made me reaaaally mad and it made me release all the anger out of me.. then i kinda grew sick of it, but anyway, it's still a great song
  • Kiran from Shelton, Ctive felt this feeling. beinng torn apart before. many ppl have. when i try to do somethign right i get a bigger temptaion to do wrong
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