Alone In December

Album: The Changing Of Times (2002)
  • You always amazed me
    But that's the past
    I kept silent and it rained for days
    My inside were drenched
    But I guess that's the part of growing up
    I never wanted to learn
    And I grew into the man
    That you never knew
    But I wouldn't be this way
    If it wasn't for you
    A hundred thank you's
    It this is love
    Fairy tales never came true
    Judie's are black in full bloom
    And I died in the womb
    Take it back, all that's gone
    It's all still there like you left it
    December stayed the same
    Nothing ever changed but you
    Every dream civered in dents
    Love can't fly tonight
    Couples will rest, I'll be sleepless
    So cry yourself to sleep
    This is about broken hearts
    This is about me
    Bending again for nothing
    I'd run to you but pain awaits
    I'm coming home
    But I'll be late
    No deeper than imagination can be
    Sight with nothing to see
    What's faith if I can't believe
    It's everything
    A cure, but I make it a disease
    God take me because I hate me Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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