Album: Contraband (2004)
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    When you look you see right through me
    Cut the rope, fell to my knees
    Fallen, broken every single time

    Always keep me under finger
    That's the spot where you would chew me
    But I see sometime pleasure in my mind

    Yeah, here comes the water
    It comes to wash away the sins of you and I
    This time you see


    When you seek me you destroy me
    Rape my mind and smell the poppy's
    Fallen blood in every single time

    Always keep me under finger
    That's the spot where you might linger
    But I see sometime the pleasure in my mind

    Yeah, here comes the water
    It comes to wash away the sins of you and I
    This time you see
    Like holy water
    It only burns you faster than you'll ever dry
    This time with me

    When you look, you see right through me
    Cut the rope, fell to my knees
    Falling and bloating every single time

    Yeah, here comes the water
    It comes to wash away the sins of you and I
    This time you see
    Like holy water
    It only burns you faster than you'll ever dry
    This time with me

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  • Rachel from Memphis, TnTo Jeff in St. Louis : I can see how you can think they copied off GNR , however thats no the case. Velvet Revolver gets its name from Slash simply liking the name name Revolver and then "Black Velvet" was added by Scott to make it an oxymoron and then they just decided on Velvet Revolver. GNR , however, came from the members of the separate bands Hollywood Rose and LA Guns joining together to make Guns n Roses.
  • Jean from San Lorenzo, Puerto RicoGravedancer's riff, a song on Velver Revolver's Libertad album is easy to be compared with Fall to pieces but, Sweet child o' mine? NO
  • Caitlyn from Royersford, PaI Looovve this song!!! and Velvet Revolver!! I mean Scott Weiland's perfect grungy voice combined with Slash's electrifying guitar solo just makes for the best song to come out in a very long time. Gets me worked up every time i hear it.
  • Lee from Oceanside, CaAnyone know the Model featured in the vid?
  • Nicole from Chicago, IlTo Matt in CA- What are you talking about? Contraband doesn't have half the powerhouse songs GnR put out.
  • Nicole from Chicago, IlTo Vicki: I think Fall to Pieces is not only not as GOOD as Sweet Child O Mine, but two different songs entirely, HOWEVER, I can see how someone would compare the two. There is that little "similar" something in the opening guitar.
  • Nicole from Chicago, IlI personally think this is one of the few Velvet Revolver songs worth listening to. They just don't have that FIRE Guns n Roses had. Slash is and always will be an incredible guitar player, but he even says it in his book: His playing isn't as pronounced on this album. It seems to take a backseat, which is unfortunate because it's so great, and in GnR it was always key.

    But I do like the part in the song, after the guitar solo, when the chorus starts again, when Slash's guitar cuts in. The first time I heard it, it had a high, wailing quality that almost sounded like a woman singing. Very cool.

    Awesome chorus, also.
  • Nicole from Chicago, IlTo Jeff in St. Louis, Slash's autobiography explains the origin of the name "Velvet Revolver," and it was not chosen to copy Guns n Roses, and I don't think they sound anything alike. GNR is three words, with plural nouns, and Velvet Revolver is two words with an adjective describing a single noun. You might be referring to the juxtaposition of "Velvet" and "Revolver" with "Guns" and "Roses", in which case you have a point, but it's probably because the band members all personally like that concept. Plus, "Guns" is because of an old bandmate of Axl Rose's, named Tracii Guns. "Revolver" was chosen by Slash because he liked the sound of the word. It reminded him of revolution, and change, but also a revolving door, like change.
  • Ben from Minas Tirith, Mook, for those of you who think this sounds like Sex Type Thing, no. Slither has completely different sounding vocals(though the same singer) and different guitar riffs and drum beats. The only thing similar is that they are both loud, hard hitting songs that pump you up. Listen to both and you will see
  • Max from Laconia, NhThis is a beastly song. It was featured on a commercial for Guitar Hero 3. Slash rules and I like his hat!
  • Laura from London, EnglandNo...
  • Jeff from St. Louis, MoDo you think the name Velvet Revolver sounds just like the name Guns N Roses?
  • Stink from Male'the song is about drug addiction. Weiland had a tough time with drugs and even when VR (although not officially formed as a band) were recording "set me free" for the OST of "HULK". i think this song has lot of reference to drugs (for example "rape my mind and smell the poppies")
  • Niko from Odense, DenmarkOne of the hardest songs to play. Really easy main-riff etc., but I've heard alot of different version of the intro and break (2:30) before the solo. I've also heard some different ways of playing the bass, but I haven't really heard anyone play it just "a little" like VR.
    Solo is actually just a D-Pentatonic scale, and also pretty easy to play. A dam lot of effects and feedbacks
  • Steve from Laconia, NhThis was released as the B-side of "Fall to pieces".
  • Amy from Leeds, EnglandIts an amazing song, slash and duff rule. one of the best songs on the album along with sucker train blues fall to pieces and big machine.
    oh and by the way vr are amazing but the really dont compare to gnr.
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaIf Velvet Revolver comes out with another album like Contraband, then VR > Guns & Roses
  • Vicki from Miramichi, CanadaWhat! Fall To Pieces sounds nothing like Sweet Child O' Mine! I think you're confused..
  • Stephanie from Melbourne, Australiahey ryan from scotland, i agree, v.r are better than guns n roses, but i am still a mega fan of gnr. Its ok to think stuff like that, but dont go saying it plese!!
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThis song is awesome. Also, Fall To Pieces sounds like Sweet Child O Mine.
  • Lexie from London, EnglandVelvet Revolver are so sexy! This is totally what GnR would be like now if Axl Rose hadn't gone insane and they hadn't split up.
  • Emu from Paradise City, OtherIzzy did alot of recording with VR before they got scott or the band name.
  • Axl from Newcastle, Uk, Englandthis does sounds like Sex Type Thing and "Fall to Pieces" sounds like another song to, which I cant really remember what.

    What happened to the veteran rockers' originality!??
  • Cool Guy from Compton, CaI agree with Jason, only about sounding like Sex Type Thing.
  • Jason from Eberdeen, WaMatt Sorum isn't very innovative if he can make a song sound exactly the same as his band mates old bands song (Sex Type Thing).
  • Jason from Eberdeen, Wathis sounds exactly like "Sex Type Thing" by Stone Temple Pilots. Probably because Scott Weiland is from them.
  • Stephanie from Melbourne, AustraliaI love this song as well, but barely any radio stations play it ova here in aussie, wich really sux.
  • Joe from Ny, NyI'm just glad that that alt metal is back
  • J-raff from Boston, MaIt was actually Matt Sorum who thought of the riff for this song.
  • Jc from Chanute, Ksthese guys rock
  • Richie from Charlotte, NcSlash figured out the main riff to Slither one day when just messing around on his guitar, before Scott Weiland joined the band. It got it's name from the feeling it gave the band when they played it. This song ROCKS!!!
  • Jammie from Deckerville, MiI love this song! I'm glad Slash is back.
  • Fungus from Here, ScotlandJust proves what an awsome album this is, nobody can agree on which is the best song! perssonally its sucker train blues, but slither, do it 4 the kids, slither, dirty little thing, big machine, set me free, superhuman and fall to pieces are all close.
  • Izzy from Vernon Hills, IlBy far the best song on the album(the only two that are close are Big Machine and Set Me Free)
  • Rob from Castaic, Cafall to pieces is the greatest song i've heard this year, but as you can see by the fact that there aren't any songfacts about it, it aint all that popular.
  • Billy Ross from Hagerstown, MdThis is a good song, but "Fall To Pieces" is 1,000x better.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandFall to Pieces was only UK #32! How'd it do in the US?
  • Scott from Mt. Pearl, CanadaThis song is amazing, not the best on the album though, Sucker Train Blues is awesome, so are Headspace and Do it for the kids. Best rock album since Buckcherry's self titled album in '98 IMO.
  • Steve from Wallingford, PaFall To Pieces should defently be number 1, with out a doubt, thats one of the best modern rock songs i've heard....ever!
  • Mariah from Miami, FlThe only song in a long time that made me drop my glass and say, "I gotta learn how to play that!"
  • Helen from Dublin, IrelandIsn't it just great to see the return of proper music? The world has just been a little bit empty since gnr split. I have to say Duff is looking gooooood and slash hasn't lost his touch at all.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandWatch out for 'Fall to pieces', it's gonna be #1 without a doubt.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandOne of the best solos I've heard in ages, Slash rules!
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