Let It All Hang Out

Album: Raditude (2009)
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  • I was driving this morning and sat in traffic on the way to work, work
    Soon as I got in, my boss was tripping and acting like a freaking jerk, jerk
    Me and my girl ain't speak in weeks and I can't remember the reason why, why, why
    On top of that it's a recession, I feel like Jay-Z, this can't be life, life

    Tonight I'm leaving all my worries and my problems in the house
    I'm going out with my homies and we gonna let it, gonna let it
    All hang out, let it all hang out
    It's the last day of the weekend, boy I need to release
    And let it all hang out, let it all hang out
    I'm going out with my homies and we gonna let it all hang out

    Time for me to leave this place, don't feel like its going to come, come, come
    I got bills on top of bills and I don't know where I'm getting my money from, from
    The walls feel like their closing in,
    I honestly don't feel like I can make it, make it, make it
    I'm so mad and I can't take it, that's why


    Me and JD chilling in the shack
    Sharing Chiclets from the same pack
    One hundred and eighty-proof vitamin water
    Energy flavor
    Take us to your daughter
    I want to see you pretty ladies on the dance floor (dance floor)
    Put your hands up in the air like you don't care no more (we don't care no more)
    We gonna hit the town tonight, we were born to rock


    (Let it all hang out)
    I'm going out with my homies, and we gonna let it all hang out Writer/s: GARRETT JACKNIFE LEE, GARRETT LEE, JERMAINE DUPRI, RIVERS CUOMO, WRITERS UNKNOWN
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, E O Smith Music, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Randy from Fayettevile, ArMan, I love Weezer, this funky song, and its funky title. In 2009 when this was release, my Dad saw my CD & the title of the song and he said he used to have a 45 rpm single way back in the Sixties with the same title (different song, though). Weird, huh? Back off Jack, I'm gonna go "let it all hang out!"
  • Rotunda from Tulsa, OkIt seems there are two songs with this title. I've heard both, thank goodness, and I like Weezer's song. I love Weezer's songs, but especially two: "Undone" and "Hash Pipe." So fine! And I still think that Rivers is one cool & funky-looking dude. My little sister thinks Rivers is really an alien (don't ask why!). Now, the other song is by The Hombres from '67. My Dad still has his 45 rpm single of it when he bought it. He told me it was sort of a novelty song playing off the hippy scene. Well, 1967 was te big "summer of love" thing with hippies, demonstrations, anti-Vietnam War protests, acid rock, psychedelia, all going on at the same time. Dad would rample on for hours and hours about his experiences in hippy-land & about how life was back then....and how rock music was then. I think I would've loved living back then. It sounds so bizarre and weird. But I love things like that. The stranger the better. But given that, I will still love Weezer's song better. ROTUNDA says "go now----go in peace!"
  • Steve from Whittier, CaThis was also the name of a top 10 hit by a group known as [The] Hombres from the fall of the 1967. With this one, iot starts with the singer of the group coming on like a preacher offering temptations and such for a few seconds, talking quite fast and sounding a bit like an old time auctioneer in the process. The Hombres's song [the one that I know with the
    title] is recited,, with a cheesy [a compliment, actually, in this case] organ weaving in and out, with after each two refrains [no verses/chorus deal as such], a guitar riff interspering this organ a few times, then 2 minutes later, near the end, qafter the second brief riff, another spoken refrain, and then a sung coda and fade containing the lyrics "Let it all Hang out". Writers include leader B.B.Cunningham [the 1967 song, not Weezer's later one.] Basically, the song's all about relaxing and beiung the typical "hippy" slacker of that era [full of such timely catchphrases like this. Buddy Holly was the inspiraiton for the other song's group Weezer, so maybe this is the same song or they just decided to write a new song using the 1960s slang title in the songs.]
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