Thought I Knew

  • Sorry
    About my past life
    But we just missed
    Sorry it had to end up
    Like this

    If I caused you pain
    I forgot your name
    But you left me out
    In the rain

    Thought I knew
    You better than
    Thought I knew
    Your intentions
    Thought I knew
    But I didn't have
    A clue
    Not a single damn thing
    Was true

    If I caused you harm
    I'm no good luck charm
    You didn't end up
    In my arms


    Now that I
    World's gone down
    We've traded away
    Blew out the spark
    And now we're left
    With broken hearts
    Tryin' to find
    A new place to start

    [Chorus: x2] Writer/s: BRIAN THOMAS BELL
    Publisher: Wixen Music Publishing
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 2

  • Babbling Babette from Tulsa OkI think Brian Bell's lead vocals on this song are interesting. His voice is a bit more nasal than Rivers' & it was just perfect for the lyrics. The song tells of a relationship that crashed then they're both trying to make it work again. It's from their Red Album. Those background vocals (ooo's and the ahhh's) work just great! Loved the drums on this & thought it was Pat, but learned it was Rivers! Cool. I think this was one of Weezer's most creative works & the production was tops. Congrats to Weezer!
  • Jennifer from Haltom City, TxThis song is pretty self explained.
    He thought he knew but didn't really have a clue now they're both broken hearted looking for a new place to start.
    I absolutely love this song.. It's like he's singing my own words.
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