Album: single release only (2013)
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  • You ain't never weighed the ounce
    Fought a bouncer
    You ain't never hid no blocks in your mouth

    They say I'm lucky, I must be fucking lucky
    Already paid my dues and they're
    Running out of money
    Got a different point of view
    You should see em man, they're lovely
    In my prime
    Should be running for the country
    Instead I keep it gully
    Hoods on in the restaurant
    Elbows on the table
    Got my Stan Smiths on and
    My trousers down low
    I still make it rain balls
    So childish, so childish
    And my CSA went on diamonds
    We fought our way up here
    Don't wonder why we're unbalanced
    So violent, so violent, you talk shit
    We riot i bought it, supplied it
    It don't take no sidekick (amen)
    And no sidekick, I came in on my own
    When I'm ghost you can pop, pop
    Pop and have a toast
    Let the liquour pour out
    Let the ladies all drown
    We be going so in, how we gonna walk out?
    Fucking up my liver
    Treat my body like a whore house
    Used to be a Christian, now I'm in Dior wow

    Pop, pop, pop, pop
    Pop, pop, pop pop pop then we're out
    I ain't a pop star, I ain't a pop star
    It just so happens my face is ever so popular
    I ain't a pop star, I'll make it pop, darg
    Even when I'm in 3s and 2s
    Pop pop pop then we're out

    Let's get it popping
    Let's really get it popping
    Got a lot of money
    I can afford all my problems
    She said I'm a hot male, she wants to log in
    That's the type of email that
    I've been getting too often
    I'm a wrong'un, a problem
    Try and solve me, i'll drop em
    Just flying, and swat em, two plus two
    Leave them forgotten
    But that's simple maths when
    You're smart like me
    Worth more dead when you're alive like me
    Got a big will, I've got Black Eyed Peas
    Have a drink on me

    Even when I'm in 3s and 2s, slip
    There ain't no reason to, slipping

    Three, two, pop, pop three, two, pop, pop
    Publisher: Songtrust Ave, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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