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Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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She's a lover
Baby and a fighter
Should have seen it comin'
When it got a little brighter Read full Lyrics
The Red Hot Chili Pepper's song "Dani California" from their ninth album, Stadium Arcadium was perhaps one of the most complex songs to show up on the Billboard charts in the summer of 2006. While it may be easy to assume that the song is referencing a place in the great state of California, it is instead primarily about a recurring character in the Red Hot Chili Pepper's musical canon, a girl whose name is, in fact, Dani California. Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of the band and main lyricist, has said that this song is not actually about any physical place, or a single person, but instead, it is about a female character who has come to represent all the women Kiedis has been in a relationship with. On the other hand, Kiedis says he has written about Dani many times in the past. References to the same character, in a singular sense, have appeared in a number of songs, including "By The Way" and possibly "Californication" and "Scar Tissue."

Badlands National Park in South Dakota
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In "Dani California" the story of the young woman is told, beginning with her birth in the deep south of Mississippi, and following her as she stages heists across the midwest, and finally suggests her ultimate demise in the badlands at the hand of a "North Dakota man... gunnin' for the quota." The Badlands, part of the 70,446 acre Theodore Roosevelt National park in west central North Dakota, is defined by rugged rock formations reminding one of a lunar landscape. Roosevelt said about the area, "This broken country has been called always, by Indians, French voyagers, and American trappers alike, the Bad Lands" due to the rough and treacherous terrain. Roosevelt's "Maltese Cross" cabin still stands as a tourist attraction.

Back to Dani... Geography becomes integral to defining who this woman is, indicating her rebelliousness, her loner qualities, and her world weariness. The list of states referenced in this song is lengthy, and includes: Louisiana, Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota and Mississippi. The question remains, however - why might Kiedis have chosen this particular name for the recurring character? Some fans and critics have speculated that Dani California is neither fictional or a collage of many women, but a very distinct and singular real person whom Kiedis knew in his youth, when he was staying with his father in Hollywood. Her name was Danielle. According to fanlore, to distinguish this Danielle from all others, Kiedis called her "Dani California," defining her further by her physical place. Perhaps this story is only fiction, but still the name is evocative, and Kiedis is aware of this, saying in the song itself:

Should've seen her coming when it got a little brighter
With a name like Dani California
Day was gonna come when I was gonna mourn ya

While the undeniable groove of "Dani California" may not be attached to a specific place, or even a specific woman, what is certain is that the song heavily relies on the power of physical place to convey meaning and provide insight into the individual's character. Using this device, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have created an interesting narrative that will remain a highpoint in the band's career.

Maggie Grimason
January 22, 2015
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