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I Belong To Glasgow by William Fyffe

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When I get a couple o' drinks on a Saturday
Glasgow belongs to me!
Will Fyffe was a star on the stage and screen and his records did okay as well. There are some interesting facts about this song.

The singer who really made it famous was the songwriter

The song was offered to the famous performer Sir Harry Lauder, who turned it down

Will Fyffe was forever associated with Glasgow, although he came from Dundee

Fyffe saw a drunken Glaswegian who was asked if he was from Glasgow and replied, "The way I feel right now, Glasgow belongs to me"

The famous Scottish singer Andy Stewart made a popular recording of the song, as well

The lyrics celebrate the working man and describe a chap who has had too much to drink. There were strong anti-drink campaigns at the time and Fyffe is having a go at them with his lyrics. He uses the local lingo to make sure his lyrics rhyme. For example, "town" and "round" don't rhyme, but "town" and "roun'" do.

Harry Lauder probably turned down this song because Sir Harry was not a big fan of the booze. When the entertainer was told he sang about strong drink in "Just a Wee Deoch and Doris" (Gaelic for a drink at the door, a farewell drink), he pointed out that the key word was 'wee,' meaning small.
Queens Park, Glasgow<br>Photo: <a href="" target="_blank">David Dixon</a>, The Geograph Project, cc-by-sa/2.0Queens Park, Glasgow
Photo: David Dixon, The Geograph Project, cc-by-sa/2.0
Will Fyffe was a comedian on stage and in real life. A Glasgow theatre ran a Will Fyffe look-alike competition. Disguised as himself, Will entered and came in second!

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and crammed with history, mystery, and wonderful sites and activities. Many years ago the tobacco lords built fabulous mansions with their massive wealth, while across town the poor struggled to stay alive in their slums. This vivid history of the city of almost a thousand years is vividly portrayed in the magical People's Palace.

Glasgow can be bitterly cold in winter, so lush vegetation would not normally be found in this or any part of Scotland, but the People's Palace house show some magnificent gardens of this variety. And entry is free.

And old houses and churches are common with so much history to explore. In many cases entry to such places is free, making a mockery of the jibes made about the Scots being tight with their money.

Another free and extremely interesting venue is St Mungo's Museum, which is believed to be the only such museum in the world devoted to every major religion known to exist.

And speaking of religion and free entry, Glasgow Cathedral is ancient – it was dedicated in 1136 – but is very much a living building, with regular services and recitals with, once again, free entry.

The Gallery of Modern Art will keep art lovers interested for hours without ever having to put their hand in their pocket or purse. With all this free admission malarkey, you can afford to upgrade your hotel status.

Then there are such places as the Botanic Gardens, the Art Gallery and Museum, and the fabulous Transport Museum. And yes, you guessed it, admission to all such places is free.

No wonder the tourists can say that "Glasgow belongs to me."

Cen Fox
February 11, 2010
I Belong To Glasgow Songfacts
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  • Tom Hawley from Lansing Michigan UsaI became familiar with the song I belong to Glasgow through Alex Campbell in his Paris days, 1960, 1961 or thereabouts.
  • Richard Lucas from Seychellesthat song reminds me my childhood,i was ones living in Glasgow.
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