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Reaching Billboard's Heatseakers top position in both the United States and in Canada, "I'm in Miami Trick" was the breakout debut single by Los Angeles natives "Redfoo" and "SkyBlu" also known as LMFAO, from their 2011 album Party Rock. The nephew and uncle duo watched in awe as the popular reception of the song propelled the album to a level of success they had never anticipated.

Miami River in Downtown Miami<br>Photo: <a href="">Averette</a>, <a href="">CC BY 3.0</a>, via Wikimedia CommonsMiami River in Downtown Miami
Photo: Averette, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Miami itself is known to many as one of the party capitals of the United States (which certainly suits LMFAO's raucous, flamboyant aesthetics), yet there are many hidden nooks and histories in this old city that are often overlooked in favor of the city's more visible pleasures.

The image of Miami presented in "I'm in Miami Trick" seems to strongly align with many outsiders' perceptions of Florida's most populous city. Miami's status as the United States' richest city (fifth richest in the world), along with its balmy tropical climate and Gulf Stream breezes, with miles of coastline, have made it a hub of party culture and a mecca for vacationers, spring breakers, and those seeking permanent solace in its vast, multi-cultural cityscape. The Cuban flair of the city brings the melodies of rumba in the nighttime city streets, while other Latin American rhythms such as merengue and samba mingle with these driving beats. Miami has also has become established at the forefront of emerging dance music genres such as electroclash, and other pioneering forms of electronica and dance music. Many of the nightclubs which have fostered these innovations are housed in Miami's southside. This area and musical formidability has drawn the attention of pleasure seekers and made Miami a significant point in the international club scene.

But paired with the thriving club scene is a darker underworld of drug trade, especially in cocaine. And with that comes violent crime. In fact, in 2009, Miami's violent crime rate was 176.8% higher than the rest of the entire nation. But according to, it is expected to be down (around civilized numbers?) for 2012.

Yet, there is much more to the spirit of Miami. The city is quite old by American standards; having first been settled by the Spanish in 1566, and much before that by the Seminoles, the city remained somewhat small until a population boom in the early and mid-'20s, and has been increasing in population ever since. Its nickname, "the magic city," was given to it because of its ever expanding and growing nature. One of the largest cities in the U.S. with a Spanish speaking majority and a strong Cuban-American identity, Miami's inhabitants bring life and color to the cuisine, architecture, and general magic of the magic city. The west side of the city includes Little Havana, home to locally owned eateries, street vendors and musicians, and a rich and warm community life. In addition, Miami is also home to many museums, playhouses, conservatories, and gardens, as well as boasting innumerable opportunities to explore the Atlantic Ocean, which surrounds the city.

The Miami Skyline<br>Photo: <a href="">Averette</a>, <a href="">CC BY 3.0</a>, via Wikimedia CommonsThe Miami Skyline
Photo: Averette, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
There's also an interesting, ever-changing quality presenting in LMFAO's song. Not only do they edit out one of the song's core parts by changing the original "I'm in Miami, Bitch" to "I'm in Miami, Trick," (presumably because "bitch" is offensive to some) but they also shape the song to the cities that they find themselves in. LMFAO have changed the refrain of the song to "I'm in Coachella, Bitch" when they played that music festival, for example. LMFAO have inserted various cities across the country in the song- from Dallas to New York City. Internationally, the band has even crafted versions such as "I'm in the Philippines Bitch."

They've been around for much longer than one might think, and from all appearances they won't be going away anytime soon, so perhaps you should be watching for the funky glasses and afro appeal of these guys coming to your town and changing up the lyrics. Let the party rock.

Maggie Grimason
May 3, 2014
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