"A band like the Ramones doesn't come along once in a lifetime. They come along once." So said Sire Records' Seymour Stein of the band he signed in 1976, and, in doing so, changed music forever. Few bands have ever had the impact the biker-jacket wearing, brat-beating band of (fake) brothers had on rock and roll... and all of those bands sold far more records (except maybe the Velvet Underground).

They aren't even the most famous band to attend Forest Hills, Queens High School (that distinction goes to Simon & Garfunkel). So, it's understandable that, despite the legacy and lasting impact of the Ramones, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction.
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  • Ultra Violet from Hellthese guys had a wild time didn't they
  • Designated Dale from Ela California 12/12
  • Jeri from TexasI miss you all. I was I. School listening to the Ramones. What a great flashback!
  • Angel from White Plains, NyI should hope so! I was young to have seen them, but love their music and except for their too early demise, their story. RIP
  • Ian from Portsmouth, UkGreat Quiz during these CV19 times cheered me up, 2 wrong (have no idea on SNL). Saw the Ramonas (UK Tribute band) 3 weeks ago, the songs live on!
  • Mike from Eau ClaireOnly missed 2, and I didn't know a thing about them before
  • Paulo Dâmaso from LuxembourgI loved the "quizz". Ramones are my favourite band and today i learned something here. Hey Ho, Let's go!
  • Joe A from Long BeachThey were the kings of the 2 minute masterpiece....The only song that went over two and a half minutes was the Ronettes cover, "Baby I Love You"....
  • Daniel from Sydney AustraliaWas perfect until the pasta sauce question. So close!
  • Kato from OhioD.U.M.B. Everyone's accusing me !
  • Frank from Montreal ALL GOOD!! Gabbba Gabba Hey!
  • Mark from Ottawaoh yeah, got all of em
  • Kevin Johnson from HellMissed 2, but I'll admit I had to guess on a few of them. I've seen the SNL episode where Costello plays Radio Radio, didn't know he was playing for the Ramones (playing for the Sex Pistols). Damn, what would have happened if they HAD played SNL?
  • Karen from Manchester, NhI took this knowing that I was going to blow it big time...and I only got 2 wrong!
  • Theresa from AustraliaFor someone who listens to them from a totally different era, I did ok with 6/12 ... at least I passed ;)
  • Nick from BrantfordWow 11 out of 12. the only question i got wrong was August 16, 1974: The Ramones become the first rock band to play the legendary NYC punk club CBGB.
  • Lewis from Long Island NyEight out of twelve correct. Not bad for someone who went to elementary school with Joey.
  • Kevin from ChicagoThe second question is misleading because technically they never did win a Grammy "during their career." It was only years after 3/4 original members were dead that they received one. And yes, I am calling you out on this technicality because it was the only one I got wrong.
  • Jim from North Billerica, MaJust to be accurate, you are not considered Absent without Leave (AWOL) from the Marines. You are declared "UA" (Unauthorized Absence). that is the only one I got wrong.
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