Todd "Runt" Rundgren

From releasing his own psychedelic concept albums to producing Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell, songwriter and producer Todd Rundgren has had a colorful career. He's best known for his 1972 hit "Hello It's Me," but he's also produced records by The Band, Grand Funk Railroad, Hall & Oates, and Bad Religion, among many others.

In the DVD Todd, he plays his classic double album Todd (you still with me?) from start to finish in his hometown of Philadelphia. That means Todd is playing Todd on a DVD called Todd. For the man's fans, it's almost enough Todd.

In a long DVD bonus feature, Roy Firestone interviews Todd Rundgren at length about his fascinating career as a songwriter, producer, and multifaceted rock & roller.

Ready to test your knowledge of all things Todd? Read on.
For more Todd Rundgren facts and a killer live hometown performance, pick up Rundgren's aptly titled live DVD, Todd.
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Comments: 19

  • Goon from GoonsburgGot only 1 wrong, the last one...RAT FARTS!!
  • Mjl from MilwaukeeTodd used to talk about everybody having access to all music someday. We would have some sort of subscription service through our cable company that would give us this amazing collection of tunes (i.e., everything). Thanks Todd, you are always way ahead of everyone else.
  • Chicor from Astoria,nyI used Something?anything to woo my my high school sweetheart. I loved the songs from that album and consider them some of the best work ever done in the genre. Also stood in line behind Todd and Bebe to see "the Excorsist"
    Thanks for the memories...
  • Dulce Dw from Tampico MexicoThe man is a genius,love him!!
  • Dave from St. Pete, Fl.Not so sure about that "fact" Todd invented the Compact Disc. My friends father was a Philips engineer who helped create CD technology and made the first CD Player. PCM tape was being used before that.
  • Terry from CanadaTodd Rungren: Inventor of the compact disc. Fact
  • Pammy from Michiganlove todd
  • Fabrizio Ureña from Costa RicaOne question missing: some musicians whose albums were produced by Todd complained about his demands and over perfeccionist mood: FACT
  • Ron from Mt. Vernon,ilPatti Smith ruined everything.
  • Ari from Astoria, NyI also got all but #10. That one was a stupid one-- trying to ding everybody on a technicality.
  • Leisa Wisbey from Terre HauteI only missed 2 and they were trick questions. Love Todd - never a dull moment with Todd.
  • Randy from From CincyFun!
  • Jana from Carbondale IlGot the last one wrong but Todd IS a "smorgasbord of musical delights" even though Patti Smith didn't say it Lol!
  • Runt Fan from Topeka, KansasTodd is the best. Ever.
  • Todd from Chicago, IlSame here, Mark. Number 10 was a cheapie! =P
  • Mark from Cary NcGot em all but the last one. I know Patti and Todd were buds and she wrote flattering commentary on him in RS but could not remember her exact line
  • Andy from San Diego, CaTodd Rundgren. . .a music genius!
    Even though I got most of the answers right, I got the most important ones wrong. . . .his first original songs were his greatest hits! Also, he didn't do drugs when he was young. Sorry Todd, I miss judged you!
  • David from Honolulu, HiGreat quiz on Todd Rundgren! I got half of the answers wrong, though!
  • John from Arkansas City,kansasI did terrible on the quiz. I've always liked Todd Rundgren. It just proves you don't know everything.
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