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You won't hear these songs on Christian radio, but they are as full of biblical figures, moral lessons and apocalyptic visions as any Sunday sermon, and some of the preachers may surprise you. Can you identify who sang these biblical lyrics?

~Amanda Flinner
Songs inspired by the Bible
Songs with biblical references
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Comments: 8

  • Opie from KentuckyDon't ask me how~~I got 9 right.
  • Katherine from AustraliaGood quiz. Christian morals
  • Jim from North Billerica, Ma4 out of 10 wrong. pretty sad.
  • Pennyg from MurfreesboroI missed 2 -- but that just goes to show I wouldn't listen to rap or hip-hop if you paid me! Tough little quiz, tho!
  • Shawnerz from Any, MdWow. I missed a lot. :( I guess I don't know songs the way I thought.
  • Okhifo Eric Osemobor from NigeriaOooops I tried I missed only one ,am loving dis site
  • Mm from Enid Oki got all right
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