Bob Dylan Lyric Quiz 2

by Jeff Suwak

In the first Dylan lyric quiz, we tested you with snippets like:

Distant ships sailing into the mist
You were born with a snake in both of your fists

Without further ado, here's part two. (OK, so we don't write like Dylan.)

~Jeff Suwak
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Comments: 19

  • Leo Nierse from Breda, Netherlands Again ten out of ten (so twenty out of twenty altogether). Filled out without the slightest hesitation, I am proud to add.

    MIND YOU, the album 'New Morning' was released in 1970, not in 1973.
  • Fab from Sydney(australia)7/10
  • Michael from Hobart20 out of 20. Had to rely on process of elimination on one.Will never see another Dylan.
  • Gordon Egan from Scotland20/20
  • Sham Shillelagh from Riddle, MoExcellent quiz. Missed 1 on part 1, and another on part 2. Thanks
  • Jerry C. Stanaway from Lombard, IlI got them all correct.
  • Jersey Bill from Morris County, Nj8 of 10 here, so average of 90 on the two -- real nice job you did putting the quizzes together! Makes me want to hear the songs on the ones I was not familiar with!
  • Chos from WatertownI bettered my flunked first quiz; I was so ashamed! --The Boston Boomer
  • Will Emery from Palm Springsso the Nobel is what?...chicken soup!?
  • Ian from SkiptonImprovement 9/10
  • Tom from Brooklyn, N.y.Got ‘em all - both parts 1 & 2. Greatest writer of popular music. Hands down. Liked the synopsis of each song.
  • Nathaniel from Los AngelesI got them all in this one, but I missed three on the last one
  • Gerry Curran from Glasgow ScotlandDamn it two wrong......oh well back to the catalogue.
  • James from QuebecDang! Missed the first one.
  • Kay from ScotlandMy head is hung in shame..50%
  • Ron Lisko from Germany60% in both quizzes. Not that bad.
  • James from QuebecBatted a thousand on that one.
  • Kevin from Glasgow, ScotlandEnjoyed your Dylan quiz - proved I've still some distance to travel to become an expert on the great man's lyrics !
  • Mark from Wales, U.k.Great idea and interesting. Enjoyed this.
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