Rock Revenge Songs

There's something particularly, viscerally satisfying about those acerbic, angry rock and roll songs in which the artist uses his or her platform to mock, slander, or just otherwise needle an opponent. Sometimes these songs rock the charts, but most often they lay buried deep in an album's track list, a discreet little "screw you" reserved only for the truest fans and, perhaps, the object of their condemnations.

Revenge songs often pull a special energy from their artists that is not drawn in quite the same way from songs about love, lost love, or any other topic. When the target of their acid arrows is obvious, the songs act as entryways into the running narrative of rock and roll history. When the target is kept secret, the songs sometimes become myths unto themselves, taking on the sort of gloaming aura that only true mystery can possess.

So it is, rock and roll doggies, that we present here a quiz of ten prominent, or just plain tasty, rock and roll revenge songs. Don't be afraid to share your results in the comments section below.
Here's our List of Songs About Revenge.
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  • John H. Taylor from EarthI only got the Phil question wrong (like most commenters), but according to Wikipedia and Songfacts, we were actually all correct that the song was about his first wife.
  • Patrick from Charlotte9/10, missed Phil's song - assumed it was about him.
  • Dennis from St.augustineMissed 2 but the last one about Phil gave no answers. Love the song, did not know it was a revenge.
  • Eric Hinton from Peoria, IlOnly got last 2 wrong. Good job, E!!!
  • Ll from Tni got em all after 2 tries
  • Sheila from Ontario Got 'em all but the last. Could have sworn I read it was about his wife!
  • Diane from Las Vegas, NvGot them all right!
  • Greg from Baltimore, MarylandLynard Skynard actually had a good relationship with Neil Young. That was a friendly reference to Neil Young.
  • Dan from Massachusetts9/10 Alabama is actually from Harvest.
  • Matt from ColoradoWe'll, I missed 3. Not bad I think. I guessed on 2 questions! I knew about the Skynrd/Young and Crüe/ Godsmack feuds. I guessed on a few though.
  • Shawna from Poway, CaI was doing so well! Until you tripped me up with old Mr. Collins. Dangit. :-)
  • K.c. from NhAll but the last 2. I'll admit that I leaped on the hype with the last one, but the one before it was a stone cold guess.
  • Jim from North Billerica, MaAnother fun quiz, even if I did miss two. One good revenge song you missed was the Sex Pistol's "Liar" which was John Lydon's answer to Malcolm McLaren.
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