The Dean and I
by 10cc


  • One of 10cc's sardonic story songs, this one opens with the singer (Lol Creme) telling his "how I met your mother" story. It was at the senior prom when he romanced the Dean's daughter. After a whirlwind romance, they settled into a life of monotony, but then he comes into money, which makes everything better:

    It's a wonderful world
    When you're rolling in dollars
  • 10cc members Kevin Godley and Lol Creme penned this song as a parody of mid-20th century American musicals. Godley explained to NME February 7, 1976: "I've always had an affection for the '30s and '40s. I was very into art deco at the particular time of writing that and I just wanted to do something in that vein, yet up to date, in a way, which I think we did very successfully in that track."
  • When Godley and Creme first played this to their bandmates, Eric Stewart wasn't impressed. "I hated it," he admitted to NME. "This is the democratic side of the group at work. We're prepared to try anything, no matter which one of the group hates the production or the song that we've got. We do try to go through and do it to its ultimate and that particular song reminded me tremendously of Hollywood musicals like South Pacific and Oklahoma which I abhor. I can't say I really hate them – there's not a word strong enough. A word to say what I feel about those musicals... I just hate them."


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