The Dean and I
by 10cc

  • Hum drum days
    And a hum drum ways

    Hey kids, let me tell you how I met your mom
    We were dancin' and romancin' at the senior Prom
    It was no infatuation
    But a gradual graduation
    From a boy to a man
    Let me tell you while I can
    The soda pop came free

    Hey sis, one kiss, and I was heaven bound
    Now who would have guessed Milton's paradise lost could be found
    But in the eyes of the Dean, his daughter
    Was doin' what she shouldn'a oughta
    But a man's gotta do
    What a man's gotta do
    The consequence should be
    Church bells, three swells
    The Dean, his daughter and me

    They were dating in the park
    They were smooching in the dark
    Of a doorway for two
    She whispered "I love you
    Ooh, you know I never felt this way before
    Ooh, you know the elevator in my heart
    Has gone awol, awol, awol, awol"
    And then I kissed her
    And when I kissed her
    It's a wonderful world
    When you're rolling in kisses

    Now, the paint is peeling
    (Hum drum days and hum drum ways)
    Now, and when the chips are down
    (Hum drum days and hum drum ways)
    Now, you kinda lose all feeling
    (Hum drum days and hum drum ways)
    Now, your head goes round and round
    (Hum drum days and hum drum ways)
    Round and round and round and round and round
    I'm throwing myself off this train

    Hum drum days
    And a hum drum ways

    Hum drum days, he's got
    Hum drum ways, oh boy

    Hey, you know I'm really earning now
    My ship came in with a cargo of dollars
    My name's lit up on the prow
    It's a wonderful world
    When you're rolling in dollars
    Now! Writer/s: LOL CREME, KEVIN GODLEY
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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