The Things We Do For Love
by 10cc

Album: Deceptive Bends (1976)
Charted: 6 5
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  • Love songs tend to be either giddy with joy or tinged with heartbreak, but this one is much more grounded, championing compromise and communication.

    The guy in the song decides to man up and call his girl, but the phone lines are down because of weather. Undeterred, he walks through the rain and the snow - just one of the things he'll do for love.
  • 10cc members Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman wrote this song; Stewart sang lead. The lyric is based on Stewart's real-life experience. "I remember walking through the rain and the snow when I lived in Manchester and we didn't have a telephone," he said in a BBC Radio Wales interview. "I had to go and find a phone box to ring the girl who was about to become my wife. The phones were down, and it was snowing, and these, these vivid pictures are there. If you put them in a song, a lot of people identify with a similar situation."
  • In a Songfacts interview with Graham Gouldman, he talked about writing this song with Eric Stewart. "When we started writing that, we had some of the music and he wanted to write a song about suicide," Gouldman said. "I told him that was not a good idea and fortunately he agreed. He came up with the title 'The Things We Do For Love,' which is very up and a great title really. What are the things we do for love? What do you do? What should we do for love?"
  • This was the first singe from the band's fifth album, Deceptive Bends, their first without founding members Lol Creme and Kevin Godley, who became a top music video directing team. It was an amicable parting, with all members going on to further success. Stewart and Gouldman kept scoring hits with 10cc; their next album contained the #1 UK hit "Dreadlock Holiday."
  • Gouldman sees chords in colors - this one is "sort of light blue." He told Songfacts: "Although it starts off in a minor key, there are certain parts that are in a major key as well. It's a very multi-colored song."
  • This is the only 10cc song released in both territories to chart higher in America than the UK. The group had 11 Top 10 hits in the UK, but all but two of them - "The Things We Do For Love" and "I'm Not In Love" - had much impact in the States.

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  • Larry from Pittsburgh, PaGreat song but so, so different from I'm Not in Love, recorded only a couple years prior. Like night and day.
  • Michelle from Halfmoon NyOne of my favorite songs from my childhood :)
  • Laurie Maitland from ElmontOh, what about Karen West's soulful, modified remake of their original from 1982?
  • Tony from San DiegoWho from the 70s or 80s can't relate to this?
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn January 2nd 1977, "The Things We Do For Love" by the 10CC entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; and on April 10th, 1977 it peaked at #5 (for 2 weeks) and spent 19 weeks on the Top 100...
    And on April 16th, 1977 it reached #1 (for 1 week) on the Canadian RPM Top Singles chart and in the U.K. it peaked at #6...
    Was track two of side one on their fifth studio album, Deceptive Bends, and two others tracks from the album made the Top 100 ("Good Morning Judge" at #69 and "People in Love" at #40.
  • Mark from Adelaide, AustraliaI have also read the Eric Stewart rang his then girlfriend and her father answered the phone, they were having a tiff at the time and there was a bit of tension in their relationship, in the conversation with Erics GF father said ' too many broken heart have fallen in the river' or words to that affect. As Eric walked back to his flat or house the words started to piece together.
  • Emma from Adelaide, Australiadefinetly should be on GLEE they could do this really well, much better than f***ing SPECTACULAR lol this is an amazing song
  • Christopher L. from Fort Worth, TxThis is a PICK YOURSELF UP OFF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE SITUATION type of song and it makes me feel good whenever its played!
  • Gerry from Derry N'ireland, United KingdomMy 1st taste of the AMAZING 10CC.
    Was HOOKED after I heard this great song....what a great band & such a melodic bass line.Nice one Mr Gouldman:-)
  • Jake from Burke, VaI think the quote from "Courage, The Cowardly Dog" that Courage says repeatedly, "The things I do for love," is a parody of this song.
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