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  • This haunting track finds 2 Chainz recalling his difficult upbringing where drugs were sold openly on the streets:

    I went to jail, I might go to Hell, I used to sell drugs to my momma

    "For me, music is very therapeutic," he told Genius. "I like getting into a booth. I never been into talking to a psychiatrist or counselor. I handle my stuff a different way."

    "It's something that I still cannot even really comfortably talk about," the Atlanta rapper added. "I'm gonna give you a scenario You live in a trap where it's a drug infested neighborhood where people can actually go up the street and get dope."

    "Imagine you're staying in this neighborhood and you're dealing with somebody in your family that you love very much having a habit that you or them can't control," 2 Chainz continued. "It's stuff that n--gas will never understand and for me smiling every day releases those little pain enzymes that I've been through coming up in section 8 and dealing what I had to deal with. I'm still not comfortable talking about this s--t."
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